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my friend wrote this mad lifted.... weed makes you smarter






Well, you dudes are all pissed at my intoxicated bulletins of nothingness so fuck it. I'mma kick some serious shit right here. When I was little...I had trouble grasping the fact that space was infinite. Now it's death. Me and some dudes are kickin it right now, UGK comes on, Trill Niggas Don't Die specifically, I bring up death. I bring up ODB. I bring up Pimp C. So fuck, I want your opinions. What is death?


The way I see it, death is nothing. When you die, you don't know it, you don't feel it. Death is an inevitability. No more senses, no more life, nothing at all. You can't see it, you can't feel it. You're just done. Don't kick that religion bullshit because that's just what it is, bullshit. There's no god, so yeah, let me get that out of the way now. I think most of you religious fucks know that, but you just want to believe there is so you have something to look forward to, but fuck, we all die sometime.


So I mean, what now? Do we sit around and wait for death to come? Do we chain smoke a carton of cigarettes every night until finally we get lung cancer and die? Do we go out on the block and get stabbed over a few bucks? What the fuck is the point of living if you know you're going to die? I don't want to die, but I accept it as an inevitability. I don't want to sit here like I am, blitzed out of my fucking skull waiting to die. I don't want to live either. Living just makes me sad, because, like fucking Russel, he was living. He was probably living when he collapsed. I don't know, you don't know, nobody fucking knows, but he's gone now. This pains me. We all go sometime. Why?


Nah, fuck that. What is death? It's nothing. It's less than nothing. Death is infinite. Death is finite. Death is a figment of our imagination. We're not dead. None of us die. At least that's what I'd like to believe. I often wonder what this is like. If I could only experience death. I've come close on a number of occasions, from having the barrel of a gun to my back, to nearly falling off the top of a building, to having a near lethal blood alcohol level, to being hit by cars. Fuck it. Rest in peace Russel Jones. Rest in peace Chad Butler. Rest in peace Vincenzo Bavone. Rest in peace TIE. Rest in peace SANE. Rest in peace Eric Wright. Rest in peace Hunter S. Thompson. Rest in peace Stan "Tookie" Williams. Rest in peace.


What does "Rest in peace" mean? How can we rest in peace if we don't know we're resting?


Whatever. Somebody message me with your thoughts, I'm going off into a rant here. Seriously though, someone message me with this shit. I haven't had an actual intelligent conversation with someone in forever.

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i thought about how death is nothing this morning

i was thinking about how it is impossible to die because once you are dead you dont know

the only people who know you died are the people still living

so it doesnt really matter

and being dead isnt shit

you wont know

its pretty hard to grasp

the impossible to die thing might be an exagerration but thats just how i think of it

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I feel the same as your friend.


I took a philosophy class a few semesters ago.

Sorta changed my perspective on death.

Epicurus was real inspirational to me:

“Death does not concern us, because as long as we exist, death is not here. And when it does come, we no longer exist.”


It may seem sort of twisted but I prefer complete nothingness over a heaven or a hell. I don't think it's realistic for us to take responsibility for every damn thing we did while we lived when we're dead and I really don't think it matters at that point anyway.

Epicurus took some weight off my shoulders.


It's weird with science, too. You can't mix religion/dualism/separation of "soul"&body with it.


It's all definitely wild shit to think about while you're high.

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fuck religion

i dont want to be somewhere forever

thats a long time

i remember reading this book and they talked about eternity

they said

"there is a mountain of sand, a huge mountain, and a bird has to take one grain at a time across the longest ocean, and come back. when the bird takes all the sand across the ocean, thats the first day"

i personally think that when we die we live a new life

because of the law that matter cannot be created nor destroyed

your mind cannot be destroyed

this whole shpeel goes over a lot easier when im blazed

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With life there is Reality. When we die, since we are not part of life anymore is there no more reality? If there's no more reality wouldn't anything go?...Meaning that whatever you truly believe is going to happen when you die is ACTUALLY going to happen? With life if I truly believe something, it doesn't necessarily make it true (because of reality). But outside of life and reality whatever I believe would be true?


There's no such thing as nothing because nothing is something in itself.









what the fuck...makes more sense in my head.

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