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House Arrest

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Yeah man, all my boys are doin their part exactly as I expected, I keep my team pretty official


As far as the girls go, its also exactly as I expected. Bunch of groupies hoes on some "oh my god, I can't believe you're on house arrest, poor thing, I needa come see you baby" type shit. They come through once or twice, then it becomes "I can't, I don't have a ride, blah blah blah". There's been one exception, chick who takes a bus to come see me and just spends whole days chillin, but I also knew shed be that girl, so all in all, no surprises

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ayebee hasnt been posting here alot.



i cant believe some people would rather go to jail than do house arrest. i dont think you fully appreciate how nice it is to sleep in your own bed than sleep in a smelly ass concrete room filled with loons. unless some of you people live in shitty crackdens, my bed has down sheets and three pillows nigga one with the foam shit, i would take community service or house arrest any day just so i can sleep on my thousand dollar mattress. at least ayebee doesnt have to wake up at 6am every morning and clean out drains and garbage for their hours. you wouldnt be able to go out at night anyways after during that shit for weeks.


and you can still go out during the day, that shit aint that bad. i have found recently that i like getting drunk during the day, you can pass out at early at 7 or 8 and be up and going the next day.


i dont think these people saying they would wraher go to jail have done more than a 48 hour holding or a day waiting for bond


i got a 6o day county bid, that was my sentence... not for painting or any shit like that... and let me tell you, little things like the slight breeze from your porch, the feel of grass benieth your feet, hugging a girl, smelling anything that isnt coated with mildew and man stench. i only did 3rd time for good behavior (you dont ever do more than half of a sentence pretty much aywhere unless you just wild out all the time - wardens move you out with crowdng) so it ended up being 21 days... 3 weeks... not that long, but long eough to make sure i know exactly what the fuck its like to actually be in jail (not processing dwntown or holding like 9o% of kids on here say)




when your feeling down, stick your head out the window and take a breath of fresh air. walk out in the yard. i sound like a hippie fag, but if you done more than a handfull of hours you know exactly where im coming from

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but all tha aside, the deal wit your sister seems raw as fuck, but keep it in stride... at least you get to wear shoes and your own drawers.




by the wa, where i was at books were considered contraband... you couldnt have anything except the bible or recovery books from the cart (which i never actualy saw)


so read a book, yo


my celly had a tom clancy book and it was some of the most valuable contraband on the block. no lie.

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