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Kitchne Hockey

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As some of you may remmeber, I onc ehad a ufckin AMAZIG vodka pong tbale in my kitchen. Well, last weke the deciison was amde that the table was vfucked up beyong repair, we knocked the legs of ti and toom it out of circulation.


Well, now with all ythreis new wid eopens pac ein my kithcen we've ecidewd to start playing a new game, KITHCEN HOCKEY. each time consist of 2 players, a forward and a dfender, and the 2 may switch positons at any time. Each forward has a regulation hocey stick, while each defewnder is using a broke n leg from the pong table. the goals are 2 doorways (one intot he bathroom, and one into my roomates room)mand the puck is a Cambell's can stuffed with apper towele and then sealed up with stickers


First tp 5wins, and usually wee can onyl play one game cuz it's so goddman tiring haha...my roomate keeps thretaneing to snap the sticks while I'm sleeping cuz we continue to play at redioculosu tiems of the day (we just finished a cgame) and he hasta get up in the mornin for work. Oh well.


By the wya, Manute Bol is fucking edterrible at it, and me anc cancerpatient101 are fuckin unstoppable, and undefeated/ That is all


NBy the wya, mega props to anyone thatr ead theat whole tyhing, even with all my terrible durnken typos

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Guest shai_hulud

AB, you gotta stop typing while wearing oven mittens.


It's not a good look for you, man.

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yo ive started playing a variation on beirut, 'baseball'. four cups lined up in a row, single, double triple, hr etc. you steal by playing flip cup on the side. teams can be as big or small as you want, so you aint gotta get antisocial if you wanna play beer pong.


its a movement

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Its strange, when I read his drunk post I feel drunk.


Then BAM all sober and crap.

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