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11 hours ago, 71GTV said:

I’ve seen quite a few pistols posted here with red dot sights on the slide.

Admittedly, I know nothing about them. I do go to an outdoor public range on occasion, but it’s not usually a social event or atmosphere. That being the case, I’ve never seen one in person. So what’s the deal? Do you have to have your slide modified? I thought briefly about getting a G19.5 MOS - that would allow a red dot, yes? Once you add a red dot, can you still use the iron sights?  Do people use them for carry guns? Do you have to switch them on when you draw? What is the actual benefit of a red dot over iron sights? Are they useful at night? I’ve looked a few up online and they look to be expensive. I’m assuming this is one of those “you get what you pay for” things.

Some info or pointers to a good site to get info would be appreciated. I may never get one, but I’d like to know more about them.

You can get your regular slide milled to accept one or you can buy an aftermarket slide, brownells sells gen3 glock slides milled to take trijicon rmr. Many people carry them. Glock MOS is a good solution so you're not married to a specific optic footprint, but you should get an aftermarket mounting plate either by CHPWS or forward controls designs for best results. Generally holosun and trijicon are the most widely used, aimpoint has the acro optic which is nice but doesn't have great battery life. I've got a holosun 507, it has a shake awake feature which will turn it on when it moves otherwise you can keep it on all the time. Battery life on the holosuns and trijicons are in the 10s of thousands of hours 


Edit: full disclosure I have my holosun on a brownells slide but have not shot it yet. I have suppressor height sights on it so if the optic goes down you can still see the sights through the optic window

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6 minutes ago, CLICKCLACKONER said:

Heard the same thing.  do you know which model flashlight it was? @Qawee

I have seen photos of the larger one (pl2 I think is the model) which have exploded but if you search Google for "exploding olight" i found a guy on reddit who claims his mini blew up while he was shooting it, but there were no pics of that one

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^^^ that's what I'm fucking talking about.  That thing is sick.... I went and looked up the specs on it.  Read a review that a guy said he liked the trigger they used in that so much that he converted his other AR to the same trigger.




OP takes forever to ship though.

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“Must Remain in State” - haha for a minute I was thinking effective everywhere but solid win for Tx.  


You guys get all the good firearms related shit @Dirty_habiT - Nevada has some pretty relaxed regulations too.


Meanwhile my rifle is double locked, restricted to 10 rounds and the city I grew up in requires ID log for ammo purchase. 


My buddy just bought 77 acres - hoping to do some shooting soon. 

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Certainly a solid precedent. Hopefully other states follow, which is usually how this stuff happens. 

Whether guns or weed, I think it’s a good thing that states are reasserting their power and autonomy over that of central government. Hopefully it’s a trend that continues. 

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Wasn't sure where I should post this story but it is gun related and so my question is.  What are they talking about with this 'red thing' on the back of the gun?


@KILZ FILLZ  @misteraven



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