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gun thread


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  • 4 weeks later...

Got a very tasty dose of the anti gun bureaucracy in CA today. 

dove hunt at the end of the month so I went to get some birdshot today. Show up and thankfully they got some of what I’m looking for in stock. Know about the background check for ammo, was anticipating that


hand dude my drivers license and he asks for a second form of ID. Got my medical card, Costco card, and work ID on me, all with full name and picture of my face. 

no dice. Very short list of approved secondary ID. The only one I have on the list is a birth certificate.. which is at home. Well duck that sucks. Ok head home to get it. 

Head back to store. Got my two ID. Ready to rock. 

welp. Wouldn’t you know, my drivers license has a address on it from my last place. New license from Nov 2019, moved around New Years. Never considered updating addy on an ID that new. So my main form of ID was no good...


dude asks me to grab my car reg and insurance and come back. Aight no sweat both in the glove box in the parking lot. 

Get them, come back, third time at the counter now. 

drivers license, birth certificate, registration, proof of insurance in habd


still got turned away because the car reg has The same addy as the license. Even though the insurance card has the correct current addy and the same VIN and all my personal info... no dice. Turned away. 

all for two boxes of birdshot. 

we didn’t even begin the damn background check. Can only imagine the shit show that wouldve been



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22 minutes ago, mr.yuck said:

Im sorry for your continued loss of freedom. If it starts getting sketchy I'll over night you some birdshot via UPS if you want. @KILZ FILLZ

Thanks bro I really appreciate that

luckily a couple of guys on the hunt are from AZ and are gonna bring some shells for me

just gonna have to PayPal or Venmo them when we meet up



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18.5 barrel, 6 shell mag extension + spring and shell carrier removed

28 Long barrel, mag tube plug, cap and standard spring installed


irony is this is the state I bought the thing in a decade ago, before I made HD and sold all those parts. Had to rebuy everything like a Fudd


bring on the bacon wrapped dove breasts baby



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