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gun thread


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Yea OP juked the stats in his favor for sure. Copy pasta to get juices flowing in here


Side note:

Went shooting with a buddy and his wife sat

His baretta jammed(double feed) and he froze like a deer in headlights. Panic!

i had to take the thing from him like a child and clear it... Why do you have this???


Req'd training ... Who would NOT agree that is a good idea? Same folks fist is talking about I guess?

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I've had people panic like that who've been through training, I've seen some crazy stupid shit on military ranges from guys who have zero excuse to not know the most basic etiquette. ADs/NDs galore. Loaded weapons pointed in any direction but downrange...


Some people are just too stupid to use guns safely.



Also, that sounds like a beretta...

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In the building I work at, there is a security checkpoint, not much different than an airport.


On a daily basis, there are people who try to take guns thru, because they forgot they had them.


I believe that they forgot they had them and were not trying to do anything malicious.


But it also makes me wonder how safe they are with those guns.


I have zero problems with people having guns, but to have a heavily armed society like we do, combined with the average level of intelligence, we should be having a national conversation about what we consider acceptable use/carry as a nation. We should not be letting a gun sellers lobby dictate to us what we need to do, so they can have their customers make more money selling guns.


Right now you can't even bring up the conversation without getting attacked by extremists.

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Yea either side bringing it up gets attacked by extremists

It's a shame so many people can't budge an inch from their stance, if even just to hear another view open-mindedly. There is a common ground that can be reached. And practical laws can be put in place. But people on both sides want it 100% their way or nothing.... It seems.


Such a bummer it's prob gonna end up being politicians making a decision because the people can't sit and work it out.


It's like I have two groups of friends, one who have an issue w it and try to show me the light.

Never fails with this group, almost monthly someone's wife/gf tries to 'out me' as a gun owner so everyone can ask me questions. Super uncomfortable for me. It's just something I enjoy. I like seeing the improvement in my groupings every time I go. enjoy taking them apart, maintaining, putting back together. Don't ever want to use any to hurt another person.


Like everything else worth a damn, the idiots fuck it up for everyone else.

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built my other lower

still need to find a CNC to rent for my 'paperweight'



where is eviltrailer? locked out im guessin. whats you new acct man?

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Meh, it was going to happen here soon anyway, moving and all, but my asshat of a boss found out I was planning on leaving and "laid me off" I was going to wait up till the last day the go Jerry Maguire on him make a huge scene and quit.


Anyway, to keep the thread moving...


Recent acquisition...



Colt model 80, the wife shot one that belongs to a friend at the range and went out and got her one the next day. For what she spent, she could have got more gun, but hey it's her money and it's what she wanted.

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I'd encourage you to go the .40 route. The Glock 23 is a great compact, but if you want the sub c the glock 27 is a good choice.


Glock isn't for everyone. I'm a fan, I like how they fit MY hand and i find their weight and recoil to be very controllable and natural.

Sub compacts certainly have their place, however, I'll trade up a size to compact for more weight, capacity, and control. The ~1/2 inch of barrel makes a big difference.


If your primary intent is home defense I'd look into home defense rounds--don't need a regular round travelling through a neighbor's home before finding a nice place to rest.


If money isn't an issue buy a Kimber.

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Find a range in your area that has a variety of guns to rent. I know of a few ranges throughout the US that have "rent the case" days where you can try several different guns. I believe you can adapt to any gun and learn to make it work, however, if it immediately feels uncomfortable (pistols specifically) you probably won't grow to love it.

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Had little time to make a decision and went with this in the end. Friends were either disappointed or fully approved, guess you love it or hate it. Nice fit, works sweet. Ready to go out and lay down some more $ to get something else to shoot too. Glad to see the Colts getting posted in here. Did peep some Kimbers in the store, looks nice.

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