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Sorry fells, going to have to flex on you motherfuckers...    


Yo. I hate to be that guy, but the first time I ever fired a shotgun, I shot it off in the house on accident. I blew a hole through my wifes dresser and shredded all her clothes in that drawer. Two th

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I know, it's still going on and they have free shipping on orders over $50 rite naow. Only issue I have had with them is they take a while to process/ship your orders, but if you aren't in a hurry they are good to go.


get locked out of your account?

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Can't blame the firearms mfg, it would be so expensive to cedar all those unique parts for just one state

I think this is exactly how the politicians wanted it to play out

There is a bill to outlaw 80% lowers being proposed right now.



Californians are more concerned with defending the rights of plants and animals than the states residents.

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"Using data reported by police to the FBI, the National Crime Victimization Survey reports that Americans used guns in self-defense 338,700 times over five years ending in 2011." -Patrik Jonsson, Staff writer / February 2, 2014


That is 67,740 time PER YEAR (on average) someone in this country uses a gun to defend their life. Total gun murders in 2011 per the FBI was 8,583. So per the ACTUAL FBI data, guns are 7.89 times (or round up to 8) more likely to save lives than take them.


Note that other surveys have estimated that the number of self-defense uses as much higher.


Most people pushing for more control on firearms are eager to dismiss everything stating that firearms actually help unless they themselves create the charts. Well here is ACTUAL FBI DATA. Anyone can go to the FBI website and look at their numbers listed out. I guess they will try to dismiss this too? You don't trust the FBI to list stats? Then who's data are you going to use???? As always you are free to cover your eyes, mouth and ears.

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*gun murders



NOT gun robberies and muggings, non-fatal shootings, felony menacing/harassment, guns used in rapes or kidnappings or any other situation that a gun was used in a criminal manner that didn't end in death


The pro-gun-all-the-time side would come across as a lot less fucking stupid if they'd learn some basic logic.

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