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Sorry fells, going to have to flex on you motherfuckers...    

Finished:   It finished a little different than I expected, but mostly due to me wanting to finish/cost: aero 16" barrel with 15" s-one atlas handguard bravo company

Yo. I hate to be that guy, but the first time I ever fired a shotgun, I shot it off in the house on accident. I blew a hole through my wifes dresser and shredded all her clothes in that drawer. Two th

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build looks sick...what kind of scope is that



got an email from my local, stuff is getting back into stock....even .22lr


Thanks man. I already wanna change everything up/start another haha. Its just an a el cheapo 4x scope I've had on my 1022. Gonna upgrade sometime down the road.

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DST lower

Mega forged upper

Fortis 12" Rail

BCM charging handle

BCM 14.5 Light weight CHF

Rainier Arms XTC

BCM gas block


Rock River LPK

ALG milspec trigger

Magpul STR

Magpul MOE+ grip

Magpul Handstop

Magpul MBUS

Eotech EXPS3-0

Primary arms Deluxe Magnifier

ADM swing away mount












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16” Midlength

Weight: 7lbs 30z.



Spikes upper and lower Recievers

RRA Lower Parts Kit

Magpul Furniture

Magpul BAD Lever

STAG ambi Safety

Heavy Buffer

BCM Charging Handle


Centurion Arms 16” Midlength Barrel Double Chrome Lined CHF

Spikes 13.2” SAR Rail

YHM Gas Block

Battlecomp 2.0


Aimpoint PRO





DPF_6464 by jumb5150, on Flickr



DPF_6457 by jumb5150, on Flickr



DPF_6475 by jumb5150, on Flickr




Jumbo's AR 1 by jumb5150, on Flickr



Jumbo's AR 2 by jumb5150, on Flickr



Jumbo's AR 3 by jumb5150

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Agreed about the skulls

I plan on doing an 80% lower for my next build... Tossing around the idea of an etched Mickeys hornet

Never used an aimpoint. Don't like because of function or look or ?

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Function, I'm sure they make a decent optic, but I've yet to use one that didn't feel and function like a POS.


r u serious? i have a micro and its pretty dope. i have heard nothing about eotech except "stay away" due to battery life and reliability issues.


the aimpoint PRO seems like the best deal out there now for a quality red dot (~$400)

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Props for the mag link


That comic could be AK vs AR too


A buddy has an eotech.... Batts have died 2 outta the 5 times we've shot

Maybe they drain while stored?


Crosshairs or iron sights for me

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Finally got the rifle to the range to zero in my iron sights.



Shots 7,8,9 went like this @25 yds... Nearest range to me is a small one













One more trip to really dial them in and then zeroing that scope is next.


Leaving the mags loaded for a few weeks resolved that fitment issue I was having.


Rifle is very front heavy. I think I'mgonna grab ergogrips f93 stock for som added weight


Anyone interested in the MOE stovk I have now? Still prestine.

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