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gun thread


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nah NY, hence the NY Trigger...

in CA you cant buy Gen 4 glocks for some reason. In order to purchase a Gen 4 as a civilian, they have to register the gun through the DOJ as a 'single shot'. Meaning, only one round can be inserted at a time through the ejection port. The magazine cant feed the next round. then you change something and your all set. BUT then your caring an "illegal" firearm. i really dont understand the wording of the "law" but its fucking stupid and has several loopholes i guess? any CA residents shed light on this?

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In all honesty I don't understand how the CA DOJ decides which guns are ok and which ones are not. There is some sort of "safety tests" that are conducted and if the guns passes it's cool. Then it goes on the "list" of "approved" handguns, if not it's evil and likely to go on an unprovoked killing spree, possibly even raping nuns. I don't want a Glock so I haven't looked in to it.

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Shot my buddy's Savage 110 7mm today. What a beast. Why he get it? I dunno but I'm down for range time haha :D


Also got some center mass shots w my 1022 at 100 yds B)




Lookin at possibly getting an FNP-9

Any one have experience w any of the FNP line?

Been trying to find a range that has one as a rental but no luck...

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Cali aint got nothing on RI... unless your a cop or a diamond merchant jew good luck EVER getting a CCW. so many restrictions and hoops for handguns its unreal. just taking out of your house to the range is a 10 step process.. also, RI accepts not a single states CCW or anything of the like...

only place worse is our friendly commonwealth neighbor Massachusetts.


i think its comical when CA residents complain when to me CA is like open season!


I know a few people with CCWs, but they're mostly small business owners.


And we can buy a lot of guns that they can't in Cali, starting with anything that holds over 10 shots

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I'm picking up my new Glock .45 in a few days (which I decided on because it held three more shots than the Beretta, and six more than the Kimber), and I'm going to Virginia this weekend, so I was all hyped to bring it down there and go wild in the woods with it.


Unfortunately, since the trip includes a pit stop in DC first for a homie's show, I had to decide that bringing it would be a terrible idea

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All my mags are illegal in the northeast so I assumed a 10 was too... also if you don't act like an ass as long as you carry your card and have it unloaded in the trunk you can pass under the "peaceful journey" rule. But I know NY as well as DC are just as wild as MA with restrictions. Just look it up...

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And is it considered "sawed off"?




its a grizzly 8.5' its a 870 clone, its a piece of crap gun actually hahaha.


but its not considered sawed off, up here in canada the legality of a gun is based on its over all length. with the buttstock its 26' which makes it totally unrestricted, so all you need is a regular gun permit too have one. and in a few months we won't even have too tell the government we have them haha



i got the money for one of these bad boys with a pistol grip for when that law gets changed too hahaha


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Planning on going to a range soon, going to be renting from this list of brands (not sure of specific models):


Wilson Combat

Springfield Armory


Smith & Wesson

Sig Sauer




Heckler & Koch


Recommendations? Brands to avoid? Only handguns I have fired are Rugers and Glocks in the past so want to try something new but remember reading on here that sig and springfield are garbage as of late?



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That I am not sure about, up here having a restricted (handguns) license is like free warrant for the cops to come into your home at any time and check how you store your arms.


There is 150 fucking rules about how and where and why you need to do and have when your handgun is not at the range of being cleaned.


Also you need paperwork to even transport your handgun to a range.


This is why I try to purchase firearms that slip through the loop holes and are non-restricted. I just bought the JR Carbine in .40 S&W which is non-restricted and has a 10 round semi-auto capacity. It looks like an AR-15 and those are mostly always restricted.


Normally for non restricted a semi-auto mag cap is 5 rounds.



Cliff Notes for the cool starry Bra : Canadian Gun Laws are mostly the ghey


there are some cool guns in Canada not readily available in the US, ie Sig 551 and IMI Tavor. go buy those and post flicks

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went to range to rent on sat.


wont rent to individuals...gotta be with someone. lame rule to prevent suicides i think. target masters in milpitas.


anyone in cali have experience buying from a gun show....would i have to make the deal there and then wait and pick up from a ffl at the show.


been checking out CA compliat saiga 12's

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