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Sorry fells, going to have to flex on you motherfuckers...    

In case anyone was wondering, here’s what clear anodized freedom looks like.  

Finished:   It finished a little different than I expected, but mostly due to me wanting to finish/cost: aero 16" barrel with 15" s-one atlas handguard bravo company

Posted Images


sex guns n rock n roll


the only thing i am jealous about is the possible glock and what looks like a tec-9 but it has ruger 10-22 mags so its prolly a tec-22 witch is pretty stupid.



hahaha got me one of these lol


i dont think thats what the stabilization fins on those look like.

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i was lookking into the springfield XD-40. any suggestions/advice on it?

Its entirely up to you dude. Go with what you like and what you shoot well. There's really no point in asking that kind of question on the internet, it only starts a pissing match/dick contest and goes nowhere productive. The best advice is to just do research and make an informed decision based on it.

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I highly reccomend Ultimak. They are regarded as the makers of high end AK parts. Spend the money, you will thank yourself. If you visit the Primary Arms site, you will find that they carry Ultimak components as well and when you buy one of their Micro red dot sights you have the option to buy either or both the Ultimak gas tube rail and Ultimak railed forend at discounted prices. JUST DO IT. If you have an AK, the Ultimak parts will transform your rifle. Added to this, the Ultimak gas tube rail is the only optics mount for AK rifles which afford them true co witness of a red dot sight and your iron sights. Bear in mind thoigh that most lower handguards need to be modified to allow the gas tube rail its proper installation. There is one, the Choate black plastic lower handguard ($10) that is reported by Ultimak to fit their gas tube rail with no modding. You dont HAVE to use the Ultimak railed forend, but if you want picatinny rails to use with a vertical grip etc., you will want it. Its bad ass.

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