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1.Walk around and count bodies until you have a cognition. Make

a report saying how many you

counted and your cognition.

2.Note several large and several small female bodies until you

have a' cognition. Note it down.

3.Note several large and several small male bodies until you

have a cognition. Note it down.

4.Find a tight packed crowd of people, note it as a crowd, then

as individuals until you have a

cognition. Note it down. Do step over until you do.

5.Seat yourself unobtrusively where you can observe a number of

people. Spot things and people you

are not. Do to cognition. Note it down.

6.Seat yourself unobtrusively where you can observe a number of

people. Spot things and people you

can have. Do to cognition. Note it down.

7.Note some physical thing about yourself you don't like.

Observing people, in them note that body

part. Do to some change. Note it down.

8.Observing people, spot things that are not wrong with them.

Do to cognition. Note it down.

9.Walk around and note someone walking toward you, then someone

walking away, then someone

walking toward you, etc. Do to cognition. Note it down.

10.Walk around and note how people stick to the ground and their

sense of weight. Do to cognition.

Note it down.

11.Spot importances in people while looking at them. Do to

cognition. Note it down.

12.Look into space and find places where there are no persons.

Do to cognition. Note it down.

13.Walk around and note where there are people. Do to cognition.

Note it down.






Central Orgs



Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead,




[AD means: After Dianetics -











Attach to this HCOB, HCOB 17 April AD 13 A COMPLETE GPM



Correct HCOB 17 April 1963 as follows:


Omit introductory paragraphs and Points of Interest.

Substitute the text of this HCO Bulletin.


In the pattern, change "Beings (People) (Those) who never



Change "A Being (someone) who never goals." to A BEING WHO



Omit "(Someone)" wherever it appears in the pattern.


Change "Fervent Believers in Goaling" to ANY FERVENT



Change "No Goalishness" to NO BEING GOALISHNESS for the BE

form of goal.


Change "Some Bad Condition Dependent on next goal" to THE




In the example "To Create" change oppterm "Creationishness"

to CREATINGISHNESS and make other

pattern changes as indicated above.





This goal pattern (HCO Bulletin of 17 April 1963 as changed)

was in use in an aircraft-type set between

315 trillion years ago and 216 trillion years ago and less, and is

the pattern which precedes the Helatrobus

Implants in this galaxy. It remains to be seen if all preclears

have it.


The goals were given with one or more goals in a series,

usually one, and that goal was To Create. The

preclear possibly has this goal several times during this period.


It was given in the mocked-up fuselage of an aircraft with

the thetan fixed before an aircraft door. (There

are also two or more aircraft fuselages used in the Helatrobus

Implants, but the preclear moved through

them, was not fixed in them.) The date is the way to tell the

pattern. The Helatrobus Implants existed only

between 52 trillion and 38 trillion years ago, the total life span

of the Helatrobus government. If the goal is

found to lie earlier, between 315 trillion and 216 trillion or

later, up to 52 trillion years ago, then it is probably

this pattern.


The goal items were laid in with explosions.




This same pattern, but given in an amusement park with a

single tunnel, a roller coaster and a Ferris

wheel, was used between about 319 trillion years ago to about 256

trillion trillion years ago, a long span.


The symbol of a Gorilla was always present in the place the

goal was given. Sometimes a large gorilla,

black, was seen elsewhere than the park. A mechanical or a live

gorilla was always seen in the park.


This activity was conducted by the Hoipolloi, a group of

operators in meat body societies. They were

typical carnival people. They let out concessions for these

implant "Amusement Parks." A pink-striped

white shirt with sleeve garters was the uniform of the Hoipolloi.

Such a figure often rode on the roller coaster

cars. Monkeys were also used on the cars. Elephants sometimes

formed part of the equipment.


The Hoipolloi or Gorilla goals were laid in with fantastic

motion. Blasts of raw electricity and explosions

were both used to lay the items in.


The series is always five goals. These are very simple

goals, no long words. To End, To be Dead, To be

Asleep, To be Solid, To Create, To Find, To be Visible, To be

Sexual (not To have Sex as some pcs give it),

To be Invisible, To Postulate and a very few more were used,

always five goals in a series. The series

usually started with To be Dead, but To End, To Sleep and To be

Asleep must also be investigated as the

first goal of each series.


The pattern in HCOB 17 Apr. AD 13 is correct for all of

these goals, as changed in this HCO Bulletin.




From about 256 trillion trillion years ago to about 370

trillion trillion years ago the GPMs are the Bear



These use the same pattern, similar amusement park

arrangements, the same type of goals as the Gorilla



The only real difference is that instead of a mechanical

gorilla a mechanical or live bear was used, and the

motion was even more violent.


There is, however, a change of pattern in the Bear Goals in

that TWO RIs were added. These come as a

pair just below "The Vast Value of Goaling." They are oppterm "Any

worries about being _________ or

goaling" opposed by terminal "A worried goaler." Aside from this

addition, the pattern is the same as the

Gorilla Goals.


Mostly raw electric sprays are used in the Bear Goals to

drive in the items.


The Bear Goals were handled by a group called, I think, "The

Brothers of the Bear" and were the

ancestors of the Hoipolloi.




From about 390 trillion trillion years to 370 trillion

trillion years ago, the Black Thetan goals were given.


These were given in a glade surrounded by the stone heads of

"black thetans" who spat white energy at

the trapped thetan. The trapped thetan was motionless.


The pattern is the earliest "To" form of GPM now known.


There were six RIs per goal, consisting of:



Not Accomplished

Action (ing)

Never Action (ing)


Not Goal


There were from 15 to 18 goals in the series, all of a

simple nature such as To End, To be Dead, To be

Asleep, etc.


The full series will be published at a later date hut is

easily reconstructed, always following the same

pattern of six.




From somewhere around 110,000 trillion trillion years ago or

earlier to 390 trillion trillion years ago, the

most difficult GPMs on the track were given. These contain four

RIs per set, positive-negative in dichotomy,

(example: Wake, Never Wake, Sleep, Never Sleep), the four given

five times for every one picture shown.

This makes 20 firings per picture.


But the first picture is invisible and the thetan afterwards

is not expected to find then the first twenty

firings of RIs (four in a row, repeated five times). This makes a

"vacuum" for a picture and groups the bank.

This type of implant is probably the source of vacuums in the

reactive mind.


The remaining pictures vary during different periods of the

sequence, but consist usually of a scene of a

cave, a railway, an airplane, a view of a sun and planets. The

first "picture" making the total number of five is

invisible and is no picture.


The pictures have a moving object in each (except the

invisible one) which backs up halfway through the



The trick is to get the RIs out of the invisible picture,

particularly the basic first four.


The RIs also fire right left, then left right so that the

"Never" RI the next time has swapped sides. They

go positive, negative, then, with swapped sides, positive



They are simple aberrative words. Start, Never Start, End,

Never End are always the first firings, followed

by Begin, Never Begin, Stop, Never Stop for the second whole

series of firings. The same four run through

all five pictures. Then the next four go through all five, etc.


There are many words used.


Early in the series 3-dimensional sets were used, late in

the series only 2-dimensional pictures were





There may be earlier GPM-type implants but the Goal idea

does not go back earlier evidently than 390

trillion trillion years -- in the "Black Thetan" Implants. Earlier

material is only positive, negative and

dichotomies according to present data. But the earlier ones are

more aberrative to the pc.






The trick is to run a full series through on any of these as

found, no matter how late it is in the period,

then find the first time the series was given the pc and run the

complete series. Then get the next earlier type

of series and do the same thing.


Your pc may not have been in the areas where these patterns

were used and may have different types of

implants. If so, make sure first that the implant you have found

does not contain one of these patterns

before going to the hard labor of trying to make one up with the





Between 38 trillion years ago and present time a lot of

off-beat implants can be found. They sometimes

have only pictures, sometimes only items, sometimes items and

pictures both. They are usually short, often

have no goal in them, only positive -- negative commands, and are

not hard to work out. The pc can usually

get them easily if they're on his assessed R3R chain.






In a complex GPM pattern almost anything can be made to fire

until the exact RI is found. Then no RR is



Wrong RIs leave white mass and eventually crumple up the

engram. Missed RIs leave black strips or

patches. Partially discharged RIs leave gray patches. Restimulated

but not run RIs turn everything black in

the picture.


Scan a pc through RIs you don't suspect and it all goes



Get a wrong date or wrong duration and the pc has no visio

or pictures that don't belong there.






This is a rapid resume of principal GPMs on the track. Where

the pattern applies it must be done exactly

as given.


(Note: All trillions used are US trillions which are 1,000











Central Orgs



Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead,




[AD means: After Dianetics -













This is a rough, fast survey of the Train GPMs and the

Between Lives Implants and the pattern used.


The data involved in all this is of great scope and as it

concerns all the peoples of Earth, considerable

more work will be done on it.


As these are the most involved and low-toned implants on the

time track, it is recommended that other

earlier GPMs be completed before the Between Lives material is

tackled. After all tone arm action is the

important thing and any earlier GPM that gives it makes the

Between Lives Implants and Train GPMs easier

to run. So program for earlier GPMs. However, pcs do get into the

Between Lives Implants and do connect

with the GPMs there and in the Train GPMs, so the pattern and data

is released. Where possible run earlier



In any event, a safe rule is to run whatever GPM you can get

your hands on and date as little as possible

in 3N.




These are given to the being on his first contact with the

Marcab Invasion Force in this sector of the



Thus the Train GPMs date from hundreds of years ago to

hundreds of thousands of years ago.


Earlier on the track there are lots of trains such as in the

Invisible Picture GPMs. So the mere existence of

a train in the implant doesn't make it the Train Implants. This is

established by date.


The implanting is done from a huge train station. The

announcer, through speakers on the platform,

gives continual running fire of wrong dates and directions, and

orders to depart and return to this point, and

"you don't know when this happened to you." A lot of hellos and

goodbyes and false information.


The being is put in a railway carriage quite like a British

railway coach with compartments. Speakers are

to the right and left in the compartment.


The train is backed up rapidly through eight pairs of stands

(eight on either side of the track, sixteen in

all.) These spray white energy against the side of the carriage.

None of the white energy touches the pc.


One pair of RIs fires during the whole backward run between

the stands and then, reversing in the

speakers, fires all the way forward again. One pair of RIs in the

pattern, then, fires a complete round trip.

Then the next pair fire for a complete round trip (forward and

back) and so on. There are then sixteen repeats

for each pair, 8 forward and 8 back, before the next pair.


The pattern is as follows:


(List for oppterm. Remaining terms use the whole phrase of

the goal "To Be ______.")



NOT (Oppterm)

All (+ complete goal)

Nothing (complete goal)

Best (+ complete goal)

Not Best (complete goal)

Inevitable (+ complete goal)

Questionable (complete goal)

Doubted (+ complete goal)

Certain (complete goal)

Accursed (+ complete goal)

Commendable (complete goal)

Unforgivable (+ complete goal)

Forgivable (complete goal)

Hopeless (+ complete goal)

Hopeful (complete goal)

(Single RI) That's your goal.


At the start of each goal (or pair perhaps) a face may come

up and say "You still here? Get out. Get off

this train. We hate you." And from the speakers "This happened to

you yesterday, tomorrow, now. This is

your departure point, keep coming back. You'll be meeting all your

friends here. When you're killed and dead

keep coming back. You haven't a chance to get away. You've got to

report in. This happened to you days

ago, weeks ago, years ago. You don't know when this happened to

you. We hate you. Get out. Don't ever

come back." There's a lot more of this including how you'll be

pulled and pulled when you're dead until you

come back. A lot of wrong dates are also thrown in.


The type of goal is of the worst negative dichotomy. To Be

Caught. To Be Wrong. To Go Away. To

Commit Suicide. Etc. The GPM "To End" begins the series. There is

a large number of GPMs in the series.


This series may have been given the pc on entrance to the

Marcab Confederacy plus or minus 200,000

years ago, and then again much later just before the first Between

Lives Implant as a preliminary step before

the actual Between Lives Implant.


It is therefore important to run these Train GPMs before

trying to run the Between Lives Implant itself,

for all these GPMs are repeated again in the Between Lives



In running these Train GPMs, be sure to get the first pair

on their first fire. There is a standard swinging

arm crossing signal that sounds at the end of each run of the



Trains play a large part in implanting. There are lots of

pictures of them, lots of rails way earlier than the

Train GPMs. But no earlier ones are given inside a coach. This is

what makes it nightmarish -- the white

energy only hits the coach sides, not the pc. The rush of the

train puts heavy Kinesthetic into the engram.

The goals "To Start" "To Stop" "To Change" make the pc feel he

can't control the train. To Be Unable. To

Be Instantaneous. Various perceptions are all in this series of

Train GPMs. If it's bad, it's there.




This implant properly has six parts.


1.Pc's actual death (not in first one given).

2.First screen section (to left) giving a false death,

many GPMs calculated to obliterate

memory and group the time track, and some pictures

containing groupers. This says it

is 15 days long.

3.The main screen purporting to give the future trillion,

trillion, trillion, trillion, trillion

years from the year zero. On this the pc's past implants

get stuck up.

4.The "Next Hundred Days." A screen on the right of the

main screen giving a number

of positive dichotomy GPMs to fit the negative dichotomy

goals on the first screen

section (2). This also contains a false projection to

Earth "into a baby" complete with

sonic on the delivery room (a home bedroom with oatmeal

wall paper or the current

fashion on Earth.)

5.The actual kickoff from the implant station (not by

projection to Earth but being

dumped on Earth.)

6.The actual search for a baby.


The main screen is a long white board with a grate near the

top all the way along.


There is a roar in the whole place like blowers going.


Huge numbers of earlier GPMs stack up on (2). Lots of

earlier implants stack up on the main screen. The

whole operation is a huge grouper. But given good TA action, it

all eventually flies apart, especially if many

earlier GPMs and the Train GPMs are run first with good TA action.


The pc has had at least two series of Train Implants and

perhaps as many as 300 Between Lives Implants

in the last many thousands of years. Therefore the way to program

all this is to run mainly earlier GPMs on

the pc, then the Train GPMs, then any more earlier GPMs that can

be found and then the Between Lives



The Between Lives Implants (and the Train GPMs) have the

full intention of installing a compulsion to

return and a feeling the pc can be reached by them and be pulled

about, and wiping out all memory of former



But any pc can be run on earlier GPMs in spite of all this.


The reason this and other "screen implants" acts as a

grouper is because it restimulates earlier track

charge which then, pushing forward toward PT, crushes the

incidents and GPMs on the screen.


Of course it is all "wrong dated" and "wrong durationed."

And this contributes to the crush of the

material toward PT.


But basically it is simply restimulated charge on the early

track that presses toward PT and shoves the pc

into the screen implant. Therefore if you just restimulate and do

not run early track GPMs when found,

eventually you will find your pc crushed up against recent times

and in these Between Lives screens (if life

and these screen incidents have not already done it).


This is the secret of the amnesia:


Restimulate enough early track charge and do not discharge

it and the being will have amnesia on the

whole track.


If you are monkeying about on the backtrack and just

partially discharging incidents, going on to

something new all the time, failing to run a series of GPMs

completely when you find them, after a while,

past track will become unreal to the pc. Then it will blot out and

vanish and you will only have these

Between Lives type of implants to work with. Then if you flub

them, your pc's pictures will disappear. THE



This all occurs on the mechanism of early track

restimulation, compounded with wrong dates and wrong

durations. So the way to handle any pc is to locate or spring off

the bank early GPMs or implants and run

them fully.


Lack of Tone Arm action may upset this program but it is

mainly GPMs that stick tone arms since they

stall time.


A pc is in danger if earlier track is becoming less real or

is vanishing or the bank is pressing forward and

landing on screens. The remedy is take what was already

restimulated earlier, particularly GPMs, any GPMs,

and run them thoroughly (1) As GPMs (2) As engrams and (3) As pc's

postulates. This discharges them.

Keep this up, be thorough. Don't restimulate more than you

discharge fully. And the pc's pictures will come

back on and the track go straight again.


The above gives you the right way to handle the Between

Lives Implants. Peel off the GPMs from it

(meaning early track GPMs restimulated on it and visible on the

screen) and run them fully before taking

something else off the screen to run.


Thus one does not really run a Between Lives Implant until

very late on a case. The auditor uses it when

it appears on a case (1) to realize that the earlier track has

been restimulated too much and too little

discharged from it and (2) to find earlier GPMs to run.


Excessive restimulation and flopping about on the early

track and running nothing clean will inevitably

bring the pc forward and up against the Between Lives Implants.


So the auditor who restimulates and does not run early track

material when found is doing a dangerous



The Between Lives Implants create amnesia only because they

restimulate early track and don't

discharge it. If they didn't do this they would not produce the

same effect. Therefore auditing undoes this

mechanism only when early track incidents are thoroughly run when



The worst sinner is the GPM. So never fail to run any early

track GPM completely when found, with its

whole series. Don't go skipping about. Going earlier. Omitting

goals, leaving a GPM incompletely



Otherwise you will make the acquaintance with the Between

Lives Implant area.


If you know of any early GPM series left unhandled on the

pc, run it completely before restimulating

anything else.


And if you are running the Between Lives Implant grab off of

it any earlier GPM or incident you can find

and take it early and run it. Don't stay with the screen. Peel

things off it that are earlier and run them.

Otherwise the pc's bank will feel like crumbling forward into PT

like an avalanche.


This mechanism of the production of unawareness by

restimulating but not running charge on the early

track is itself an important discovery. It forbids then browsing

through the early track, a sip here, a datum

there. Be thorough or crash, out goes the lights, into PT slides

the pc with a thousand volts driving him on.


If you know of any early track GPM on your pc that can be

run with tone arm motion clean it up as a

GPM, clean up all the GPMs in that series, run it as an engram,

run any and all postulates out of it, get it

clean and then find something else.


The cycle of a pc in total amnesia at start of auditing

would be (if audited with good TA action):


1.Contacts yesterday

2.Contacts this life

3.Contacts childhood

4.Contacts a past life

5.Contacts incidents on this planet in the past few

thousand years

6.Contacts early track

7.Contacts lots of early track and GPMs

8.Contacts earlier GPMs.

9.Contacts very early material

10.Continues to clean up track

11.Contacts reasons for making pictures

12.Goes OT.


If you try to rush this by practicing unthoroughness from

(5) on, then when pc reaches (9) above you

will suddenly find him on the Between Life screens.


You will have overcharged early track and failed to

discharge it and the result will be:


8. Contacts earlier GPMs but has trouble holding position on

the track to run them and is ARC breaky;


9a. Contacts earlier material but it groups and scrunches

and sticks together;


10a. Collides with screen implants like the Between Lives

(there are earlier ones);


11a. Can't keep pictures apart, things easily wrong dated

and is very ARC breaky and is stuck in Between



12a. Can't reach the early track and at session starts, is

found to be stuck in this lifetime.


There is no shortcut back to finding when he started to

"make pictures." The phenomenon of early

charge pushing the pc back toward PT if not run defeats any such



So making an OT is keeping the TA going with itsa line in

and being thorough on early track incident



If the pc has gotten into condition (12a) above or is

approaching it, don't waste time on endless dating.

Just find any early GPM already partially run (the earliest one

you can lay your hands on without

restimulating others) and run it completely. Then find another and

another. And shun all new material until

you have completely handled the old. And don't let the pc wander

around on the early track. Just find and

run GPMs and clean up fully whatever you find. Or you'll be

sitting there reading this HCOB despairingly

trying to get your pc off a Between Lives screen.


Even if these listed evils occur, however, you have not lost

the TA action already gained, if misguidedly,

on the case and the matter is easily repaired providing you redo

what you've left undone and this time be

neat and restimulate the case otherwise as little as possible. He

or she is still closer to OT. They were just

making it the hard way.






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Yeah, i dont think i can read that all and keep my sanity.


i have a friend who worked for the church of scientology. he was born into it. i haven't seen or heard from him since graduating high school, and neither has his half brother. kid said he was "going to florida" to study with the church.


it's a cult.

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Guest spectr

man... I used to fuck with these people hardcore back in the day.... now I just got to laugh at them...

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I remember like 15 years ago they were pulling people off the street giving them those dianetics tests. Some dude came up to me like , hey you wanna earn $10 taking a brain test or whatever he said, so I took the test and they told me I was severely depressed and needed dianetics or whatever program they were trying to suck me into...I was like"Look, man..I just stole my lunch from store 24, I stole every item of clothing on my body, I get drunk every single night and write my name everywhere with spray paint. I live in an abandoned building and rob random college kids for a living, did you expect me to be a shining example optimism and self esteem? (or something to that effect)


things done changed.

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I remember like 15 years ago they were pulling people off the street giving them those dianetics tests. Some dude came up to me like , hey you wanna earn $10 taking a brain test or whatever he said, so I took the test and they told me I was severely depressed and needed dianetics or whatever program they were trying to suck me into...I was like"Look, man..I just stole my lunch from store 24, I stole every item of clothing on my body, I get drunk every single night and write my name everywhere with spray paint. I live in an abandoned building and rob random college kids for a living, did you expect me to be a shining example optimism and self esteem? (or something to that effect)


things done changed.



i would help if you post the information we have posted in muslim forums. inform them, let them know what these people do.


perhaps once more religious groups are informed, scientology will crash. fuck a xenu.

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holy shit.

that penthouse article is amazing... how can people read such (dare i say) comical admittance and still adhere to his words?


just wow. i swear, each word i read by/from/about these guys the more distraught i become. insanity.

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i don't really no much about the internets but my homie was telling me about some thing that went down the other night??


some big forum took down the scientology website for a few days and hassled there fax machine and raped them with phonecalls and letters. was some pretty funny shit.

if anyone knows more feel free to inform.

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Summarized Experiences From Within the Cult Scientology




1. Not allowed to see my mom but once a day when I was six. Was only permitted to see her at dinner for one hour.


2. My mom was made to work 12 hour days and was only paid $50.00 a week and given room and board.


3. I was made to live in a dorm at the age of six, separate from my mom or dad, with three other girls my age.


4. I was made to believe from a very early age that Scientologist were the better than other people, and if you were not in it, you were not good enough.


5. I was told to only tell my grandparents good things about myself when I visited, to not let on if I was behind in school, but just make them think I am a great student.


6. Scientologists constantly refers to people outside of their 'religion" as "Wogs". A derogatory term used commonly by members in it.


7. I was made to join staff when I was 14. I had to sign a billion year contract because of their beliefs in reincarnation.


8. I had to stop attending school when I was 14, to join staff. I could only attend school one day a week on Sunday for about 10 hours.


9. I was made to live in a two room apartment with seven other women when I was 14. Overcrowding is commonplace. I live like that for most of my seven years on staff.


10. I had 30 minute lunches, breakfasts and dinners. If I was late back to work I would get in trouble.


11. I was working 10 hour days, six days a week, from the age of 16. I was not getting paid overtime. I was only making $50.00 a week.


12. The only time I would have off, was every other week, if my production was good enough. Sometimes I would go a month without even one day off.


13. When I joined, I would not see my mom for days at a time. She lived in a different dorm than I did, and had a different eating schedule than me.


14. At the age of 15 I was made to stay up until 12 pm every Thursday and Friday to attend Scientology meetings and clean their facilities with all the other staff.


15. After Scientology events we were all assigned a number of books or tapes we were suppose to sell to the public. We had to make our quotas before we were allowed to go home. I started selling books when I was 15. Sometimes we had to call from lists we were given to make our quotas. Most of these lists were to Scientologist who were out of the state or out of the country.


16. The staff was not aloud to eat the nice food put out for public after events. It was only for the public, we would get in trouble if we were caught eating it.


17. The staff was not allowed to socialize with the public after events, only to sell books, we could not join them on the dance floor, or in the auditorium.


18. The Hacienda (apartment complex where the staff live) is set up so that staff can not just get up and leave when they want to. The Premises is surrounded by a large gate and bushes so that people cannot see in easily. There are several cameras around the complex to keep an eye on the staff. There is a security guard at the front gate at all times to let people in and out. Staff may not leave without first explaining where they are going and what they are doing to the security guard.


19. Sea Org staff are not allowed to own televisions, mine was confiscated when I was 14 or 15. Staff are not aloud to watch TV ever. Movies are only allowed on the weekend if you get approval to have time off. Movies are not allowed on weekdays.


20. Most staff do not have cars or cell phones because it costs to much money to own them. If you have a car, you have to check with the security guard if you want to leave, if he is suspicious he will not let you leave.


21. The only days staff are allowed to celebrate and dance together is the Christmas party and Beer and Cheese party. Twice a year. Don't ask, neither of these celebrations make much sense.


22. I was forced to cut all ties with my dad when I was 15. He was declared a Suppressive Person by Scientology, and that meant I could no longer talk or associate myself with him at all.


23. My mom died of cancer when I was 16. She was still on staff at the time, and she wrote in her will she wanted my brother and I assigned the guardians of Rusty and Linda Hilton, both on staff at Flag.


24. Once I joined staff I could no longer visit my relatives or grandparents for even a weekend without prior approval. At times my once a year request was denied for whatever reason, or no one had the time to look at it.


25. I was not allowed to socialize with anyone outside of the staff. If I did I was reported on and pulled in for questioning.


26. I was put on the e-meter once a week, along with all the other staff, to see if I had a clean or dirty needle. Clean meant I was OK, dirty meant I was hiding something. If it was dirty I was pulled in for questioning, and made to write up stuff I thought I was hiding


27. After each live success story we were suppose to stand up, clap, and say hip hip hooray three times to LRHs picture. This was daily. After each course completion in Scientology we had to tell everyone in our class our successes, once we were done we had to clap and say hip hooray to LRHs picture. His pictures are everywhere in their buildings. It was not optional you had to do it.


28. I had to get a divorce while I was in Scientology because my husband wanted out, and I did not. I was actually not told he was leaving until the day he left. He didn't even tell me, I was told by someone who knew him. It is against their rules to speak or mention to anyone in Scientology you are leaving staff. If you do, you can get kicked out and never be able to talk to your friends in it again.


29. When I finally decided I wanted to leave because I missed my ex husband too much, I was not allowed to just go. They made me work in the galley scrubbing pots and pans. They said I could not mention to anyone I wanted to leave, but everyone pretty much knew what I was doing. It took me three months of being separated from the group, all my friends, being put on the e-meter (lie detector) for two weeks straight and asked if I intend to contact my dad when I leave. I finally was aloud to leave, but was told I was moving to New Mexico to work for a Scientology school. I was told I could not return to Clearwater at all.


30. They made me sign a 10,000.00 waiver, promising that I would never talk out about my experiences with Scientology. I had to sign it before they would let me leave.


31. I was assigned handlers when I wanted to leave. I could not leave any of the buildings or walk outside without one of them. There are security guards assigned to each building, video cameras at each building entrance and exit, so if I wanted to leave without my handler, they would know.


32. I returned to Clearwater about a year after they sent me away. I was approached by one of their security guards and asked what I was doing here. I was on a public street on my lunch break. I just ignored him and walked away. They still thought they could control me, even though I was no longer on staff.


33. When my brother found out I was talking to my dad again, he refused to talk to me anymore. Now that I have associate myself with my dad, I am also declared, which means my brother can't talk to me.


34. Once I left, my "legal guardians' have never contacted me or spoke to me, even before I was declared.


35. I do not have one single friend I knew before I left Scientology (2002). They have all chosen to write me off because I no longer am a Sceintologist. Once I was declared, I was deleted from about 15 peoples myspace page. I did not delete them , they deleted me.


36. I am not allowed to talk to my Scientology school or teachers. They will also no longer talk to me. Once I left staff, they no longer thought it necessary to associate themselves with me.


37. I did not have a High School diploma when I left in 2002. I was 20 years old. Once I was married, they said I was now considered an adult and I no longer needed to attend school. I was only 17 when I married.


38. I never learned to drive, I now have a car, but driving was something they did not think was necessary.

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Guest shai_hulud

Add "tt" to correct all links- nothing should link from here.


Blog post-




EACH OF THESE CDS COSTS NINE HUNDRED DOLLARS. Make copies and hand them out in front of CoS orgs. Or drive around the block blasting them out of your car. Take photos/video of the reaction.


Spirit of Man CD 1 - hxxp://www.mediafire.com/?8jmylegddmx


Spirit of Man CD 2 - hxxp://www.mediafire.com/?3vt9jjmzamg


Spirit of Man CD 3 - hxxp://www.mediafire.com/?bpciynm5y5x


Spirit of Man CD 4 - hxxp://www.mediafire.com/?bye2jpgzme1


Spirit of Man CD 5 - hxxp://www.mediafire.com/?d3tj3gxtv3n


Spirit of Man CD 6 - hxxp://www.mediafire.com/?ejm4kiyjwi5


Spirit of Man CD 7 - hxxp://www.mediafire.com/?ftmdsitnjyn


Spirit of Man CD 8 - hxxp://www.mediafire.com/?ci21yrmjxz2


Spirit of Man CD 9 - hxxp://www.mediafire.com/?fzjkih295zi


Spirit of Man CD 10 - hxxp://www.mediafire.com/?cefl5jlltmy


Spirit of Man CD 11 - hxxp://www.mediafire.com/?5bmnmjzo0bj


Spirit of Man CD 12 - hxxp://www.mediafire.com/?cyy9umdzbnm


Spirit of Man CD 13 - hxxp://www.mediafire.com/?4jwmylkxgwi


Spirit of Man CD 14 - hxxp://www.mediafire.com/?1sx2fj3mw10


Spirit of Man CD 15 - hxxp://www.mediafire.com/?2x4yejj0zb1


Here's the $13,500 torrent-


Spirit of Man Torrent (all CDs) - Make this into a DVD and pass out as above




How Scientology harasses its critics




Random info and secret docs-




Secret Dox 1 - hxxp://www.mediafire.com/?fzdznvbnlwu


Secret Dox 2 - hxxp://www.mediafire.com/?558bldzyetd


Give 'em a call (payphone or Skype)-



1-800-435-7498 (volunteer ministers hotline)




02 9267 6772 - Sydney

08 8410 9636 - Adelaide

02 6162 1057 - Canberra

03 9654 8655 - Melbourne

07 3257 4055 - Brisbane

08 9221 7686 - Perth





London - (0207) 246-2700

London - CELEBRITY CENTRE - (020) 7262-2000

Church of Scientology Advanced Org Saint Hill

and Saint Hill Foundation - (01342) 324571

Tunbridge Wells - (01892) 530-1137

Brighton - (01273) 326-000

Hove - (01273) 326 607

Poole - (0202) 257-788

Plymouth - (01752) 202-165

Birmingham - (0121) 643-8894

Manchester - (0161) 834-6463

York - (01904) 438 156

Sunderland - (0191) 510-9600

Edinburgh - 131-5565075






Kitchener - 519-571-9253

Edmonton - 780-425-3662

Montreal - 514-527-8766

Ottawa - 613-230-5701

Quebec City - 418-524-4615

Toronto - 416-925-2146

British Columbia - 604-681-9121 or 1-877-499-9121

Winnipeg - 204-925-2201




















MAKE SURE TO DOCUMENT ORG REACTIONS. Photo, audio, and video. Post video on Youtube several times under different names/accounts.


All right, have fun.

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