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blood fart

the stuff legends are made of

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So I'm sitting on R@ndomH3ro's couch.

Watching the World's Most Amazing Videos.

And about to take my second shower of the day.

Because being clean is the new being radical.



If I play my cards right, more Sparks will find their way into my belly.

If not, then High Life will find it's way into my belly.


We have talked about a 211/piss challenge tonight.

But I will keep that under wraps until it has been fully discussed.


There will also be some Guitar Hero competitions going down.

I will provide a play-by-play for that.

Expect excitement.

Or not.


There are worse hobbies than destroying my liver and couch surfing.




Dear seeking,


(I was saddened that I left those Sparks in your fridge, maybe you can find a hipster at the bar to give them to)


For everything.



I ate too many pills and went comatose on the bus.

I got off in Jacksonville for some reason.

My bus left without me.

With all my stuff on board.

Wigger weed lords stole my sidebag full of really radical things that girls need to look really radical.

Those dudes are going to get the mean end of my tiny fist if I ever cross paths with them again.

In my bag was my newest hat.

"Instant Asshole Just Add Alcohol"

It was made just for me.

RIP hat

My best friend threw away my tropical thrash hat in a drunken stupor.

RIP thrash hat.

I guess I have to start combing my hair.


I have tales to be told.



Things you would not believe.


I don't have time to get into that now.

I need to take another shower.

And get drunkical.






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Second guitar bought.

Guitar Hero III bought.

Sparks bought.

High Life bought.



Prepare to get your faces rocked the fuck off.

Not really.



There won't be photos.

But I can assure you that this is all actually happening.



For the remainder of my vacation, randomhero and blood fart will be acting as one.

For the sake of being too lazy to sign out.

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I have a tattoo of a Taz with King Diamond face paint.

He's smoking a cigarette and drinking booze.

How's that for metal.


seeking was listening to Danzig as he did it, if I remember correctly.




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Eat my shorts, dude.

For real, son.

I rule so much harder than you do.

Stop frontin' son.



Nude dudes is how I do.


Get bent.



PS.Guitar Hero totally shreds dude.


To the max.

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you like AFI??



Hell yeah bro,


Wanna be a highschool football hero


I want a mohawk but mommy wont let me get one




oh wait....that is when they didnt suck as much :lol:

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i used to listen to sailing into the black seas or whatever the CD was called.


it wasnt too bad. but AFI has definately gone 100% homo now

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No I don't.

Ask seeking.

He had to go through 5 razors to shave all the hair off.


And don't even ask King Of Hell how many he had to use to shave my chest.



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We just played ThunderHorse three times.

Best out of three.

Because I won the first round.

Sneak won the second round.

By one percent.

Third round.

I got 99%.

That means I am totally way more metal than him.,

He should just give it up.


I take that back.

I don't want to sleep out in the windy Miami weather.

Sneak is "prettty" metal.

Just not metal enough to beat me at Guitar Hero.




YOu dudes are lamers.

I am going to drink until I think I like you.

And then I will go to sleep.

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