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MrChupacabra's Utah Vacation Version: 2008

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Thread playlist:

Radiohead - Polyethylene (Pts. 1 and 2)

Bonobo - Ketto



Background info(if you are retarded and can’t read, skip to the pictures): About 10 years ago my dad started skiing again after 20 some odd years of not having touched his skis. At this point in my life, I was quite good at skiing, and the next year my father, my brother, and myself began what would become a yearly tradition of venturing out of Minnesota and to the mountains for some real snow. After 2 or 3 years of skiing out west, I switched over to snowboarding and have been rocking that shit steady for 6 or 7 years now.

For 6 out of the past 9 years we have gone out to Utah, because quite frankly, the mountains and powder out there are impossible to beat. Last year, two of my cousins joined in on the fun, and unfortunately a couple months later my brother was killed when the taxi him and his girlfriend were in was hit by an SUV fleeing from the police going upwards of 75mph. My brother was pronounced dead on the scene, the taxi driver died in the hospital a week later, and my brother’s girlfriend was in a coma for about 3 weeks.

This year, my father, one of my cousins, and myself headed back out to our favorite spots in Utah to keep the tradition alive and to pay some homage to my brother. These pictures aren’t particularly artsy or amazing, but they’re more interesting than most of the garbage in here. Most of the photos are courtesy of my father, and I’ll caption them as best as I can remember. Enjoy.



The crew:







Day 1:

Flew in and picked up some new snowboard boots. Dicked around our condo and prepped for 5 days of awesomeness.



Day 2:

We headed out to our favorite local spot, Brighton, and were greeted by perfect fucking weather for the first day. A bit of fresh powder, sunny, and mid teens. We didn’t bother to snap any pictures because we were too busy getting in ridiculous amounts of runs due to the total lack of lift lines. This trend continued throughout the whole trip, only once having to ride up a lift/gondola with anyone else in 5 full days, and only having to wait in a lift line a handful of times.




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Day 3:

We headed back out to Brighton, but unfortunately the weather wasn’t quite so nice. We rode all day in 0 degree weather, with brutal 45+mph winds, and white out conditions. The weather wasn’t the greatest, but we pilled on the layers and took advantage of the fresh powder. Once again, not a whole lot of pictures due to the fact that none of us were willing to take off our gloves.



Day 4:

We decided to take a trek a little ways further out and went to Snowbasin. Once again, the weather was absolutely fucking perfect. Sunny, minimal winds, and 6 or 7 inches of fresh. We broke out the camera a lot more that day and snapped a massive amount of mountain pictures, especially since we were on gondolas a lot and not just lifts. Ignore the reflections/glare on the photos out of the gondola, and the fact that there are way too many pictures of just the mountains. Oh well, they’re fucking nice.






The man himself, rocking a nice pedostache. Get that camera out of my face. NERRRRRRRRRRRRDS!


My cousin, Sean













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Day 5:

The weather was supposed to be windy and cold again, so we decided to head back to Snowbasin and take advantage of the gondolas to keep us out of the cold a little bit. Once again, sub zero temps, brutal winds, bad visability. Compare to the first pictures of day 4:





Bald motherfuckers unite. The lodges at this place were ridiculously nice.





Day 6:

We headed back out to Brighton for our final day, and got the best conditions of the trip. It was cold as fuck and cloudy, but minimal wind and another 6+ inches of powder. We were able to find quite a few incredible runs with a good 2-3 feet of untouched, pristine powder. Can’t beat that.








Around 1 in the afternoon we headed down to one of our favorite runs from past years, went a little out of bounds, and had a bit of a service for my brother, pouring some of his ashes out onto the mountain. The spot we were at was pretty perfect; wooded, fresh powder, and beautiful.







RIP Paul


We proceeded to drop some more out of bounds and down into an amazing powder/tree run.







Overall, it was a fucking great trip. Got to spend some time with the family who I don’t see enough, 3 days of perfect weather, and 5 days of amazing riding. Hope you all enjoyed. And if you didn’t, I don’t give a fuck.

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Fucking sweet. I wish I had a spot to try snowboarding out here.


My family almost went on a trip once but we never got around to it. Props man.

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i gotta get out to the snow this year. nice picts, thanks for sharing!

sorry to hear about your brother. RIP.

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Guest shai_hulud

I guess I wasn't around when your brother died...or you didn't mention it. Either way, sorry to hear about that. RIP.


Nice photos.

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RIP your Brother..


The view on most of them pictures is amazing..


Should post them in the Great Pictures Thread...


Good shit..

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good thread, i am officially jealous...


would you consider utah cheap in regards to ski vacations, seeing as how the resort was basically deserted?

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It all depends on what time of year you go. We usually go out early January right after the holiday rush, and this year we pushed it back an extra week. Most of the places out there are pretty empty on weekdays after the holiday season, and lift tickets aren't too bad. Like $40-60 for most of the places, which isnt too bad considering the local hills near me charge close to $30. If you go out with a couple people, you can get a decent condo in Salt Lake City for $150ish a night that could easily fit 5+ people very comfortably, and even more than that if people want to crash on couches or the floor or whatever. And its only like 30 minutes to 2 hours to pretty much any of the resorts.

If you go at a non busy time of the year, its definitely not too bad in terms of a ski trip, and there are shuttle buses that will take you up to a lot of the resorts if you don't want to rent a car, so that'll save you some cash too. I've been out to Utah, Whistler, and Big Sky, and i'd say Utah is easily the best and a lot cheaper and easier than Whistler. I don't remember exactly how much Big Sky ran me, but it wasn't too bad. The plane ticket and car rental if you get one are definitely the most expensive, depending on how many people you go with. I'd say if you can save the money, Utah is well worth it. If you get good conditions, its the best powder you're going to get anywhere, and even if conditions arent fantastic, its still 10000x better than riding hills in the midwest, haha.

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those mountains look huge, looks like you had a good time


only went out riding twice this winter, tickets cost too fucking much.


It's all about getting mad blazed in some glades with your boys and some good music.

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that looks like a serious mountain. how much for a lift ticket?

We always bought our tickets at one of the local shops in Salt Lake, where they're slightly cheaper than at the resorts themselves. I think Brighton was just under 50 for a full day and snowbasin was under 60. Its not "cheap" but with how empty the places were, we were honestly able to get in like 2+ days worth of runs each day since we never were waiting in lines or getting backed up by crowds on the slopes.

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I was gonna hate on this thread

cuz I hate snowboarding

but then I saw the RIP

and then I saw the brother part




I feel like an asshole

sorry to hear about your loss man.































snowboarding is still gay though.

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snowboarding is still gay though.



Just because you suck at it, doesn't mean you have to hate on it.







Good stuff Chups.

Good way to honor your bro too man.

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Nice pics. Utah is the place for fresh snow...my dad's friend has a house about 1/2 hour away from snowbasin and powder mountain. Each time i've been there we got fresh powder every day......beats the shit out of whistler except for the cheap herb.

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Nice pics sorry to hear about your borther must gte to some northern hemisphere snow one day because the snowfields in australia suck balls.

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