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12oz lurkers Slients Watchers

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If your freshly new or an unfamiliar screen name you are bound to be fucked with on here Just like the rest of the non graff king status noobs.

It's all in the name of humor and keeping things fun around here, you could dissect and talk shit on any post in here.

It just happens more to the noobs, don't let it stop you from joining the e party though.

Don't mean you are hated or whatever just part of the game. Just don't fuck up any of the graff or image threads and know the basic rules would be my only advice.

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I'm of the theory any conversation in here is good conversation....   come on back in guests....

One of my great amusements with the internet is that the written reply "fart noise" is not only an acceptable response, but sometimes an appropriate one.  We need all the voices we can around here man

Always lurking, never posting Will make an effort to talk more shit 

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I lurked for over a year before I registered a name.

The great majority of my posts are in the MsPaint-Myspace thread.

But my mouse stopped working...and the touchpad makes for even worse drawings.

So I lurk again. It is odd to feel as if I know so much about people I've never met or spoken to.

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i enjoy pottery, underwater basket weaving, long walks on the beach at sunset, hablando español, reading soap opera reviews in line at the grocery store and watching and giving literary criticisms of the home shopping network in my underwear.

i also have a crush on not makros. but not really



underwater basket weaving? ive only heard one person say that in my life, next to you. is it from a movie or something? or just a "known" saying? I could have sworn it was made up by my high school guidance counselor.

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I lurked for a solid two years before I registered. Then I registered, came on here daily, and posted about once or twice a week for a year, until I sort of figured out how things work around here. Once I got going, I started to post a lot, but I've slowed back down in the past six to twelve months.



this pretty much sums up what i was gonna type, and quoting is less work that typing.... so... yeah...

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T;6015518']We have had a confession of a 12 oz lurker in the dawood thread. Ive always wondered about the % of 12 oz lurkers that are as up to date as the regulars on the shenanigans of channel zero they just stay silent.


This is your thread to come out and introduce yourself. Dont be scurrred.




This is EXACTLY how i am on this site...i've been doing in for 4 years (changing usernames ever so often..until the ivites system came in)...but i dont know why but that dude is me 100%....

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i'm guilty when it comes to always typing a response in this quick reply box, then re-reading, then backspacing.

and refreshing the channel zero page nine million times until the threads i like to read have new posts, then just reading them, not replying to them.






i do this exact same thing

i suppose i would qualify here as a "lurker"

and i also just realized that there are 13 other people here with essentially the same name as i have. How embarrassing

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I've been here since 00 under different names. I went through a big period of posting under one name, almost obsessively posting, now I can't be fucked. I'm on ch.0 everyday and know all the jokes and all the drama. I usually don't contribute cause I have nothing to say. Fuck it, I'll try and get more involved.

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Everyone got me on the years shit. I lurked for about a year then registered...for awhile i never messed with ch.0, no reason really just stuck to brick slayers and metal heads lurking the fuck outta them i decided to check ch.0 out and have been on it everyday since. I don't think i lurk that much but i guess when you look at the amount of time i spend on this damn site i could definitely contribute more. But now imma go watch them Packers beat the Giants.

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