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12oz lurkers Slients Watchers

Poesia [ ] T

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Well, I guess I'm kinda of a lurker. I used to post a lot in the tattoo thread before the melt-down that lost the original thread. Pretty up to date on some of the people who would post there, and I actually post with a few on another forum a lot nowadays.


Other than that, I just kind of post in random thoughts and a few other threads. Flying under the radar still, though.


Don't even write graffiti anymore, not that I got into it heavily in the first place.

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I have told them something like,


"I see you lurking.


Why not post something?"



Usually I leave it at that. Sometimes, they come back for a little bit, and fall off again.

takes heart to do that, as well as to arbitrarily volunteer to be their next cold case victim


jk lurkers~

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