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I felt like changing my oil last weekend so after work I went to autozone.

the manager there was pretty cool and he even gave me some windshield wiper blades for free.

well they had a sale for 5 quarts of oil + a oil filter for $10.99 so i got my shit and went home.


the next day I felt even more ambitious and decided to replace the headlights.

but the autozone by my work was a little out of the way so I went to the one a little closer to the house.

the manager there, his name was Geoff spelled with a G, had something rammed up his

ass that day. maybe it was because he was bald and old. im not sure but its my day off

bitch. so i just ignored his crabby attitude as he threw the headlight # information on the

counter. i got my headlights and bought this oil pan that has a little nozzle on the end for

pouring so i dont pour it all over the garage floor like i usually do.


i got home drained the oil out and right before pouring in the oil i check the quart and it

says diesel oil. fuck me. they have the same color cap as the regular ones. whatever ill go to the autozone down the street and just exchange it.


well i get there and Geoff seems to be having a pretty bad day. well i'll cheer him up with this easy exchange of oil.


hey geoff. sorry for the trouble but i got diesel oil by mistake can I exchange this?


he barks, where's your reciept?


right here, and hand him over the reciept which is unusual because i lose them so often.


well go get your oil!


man this guy here is fucking having pms or something.

so i got my oil checked that it was the correct type this time and that it was the same price.


i bring the oil back and he says step over to the register!


do i need to bring both oils?


he ignores me and walks away.


well im not psychic so ill bring both.


he grabs my bag of returned oil and says JESUS CHRIST!


my eyes got a little wide like whats up this guys ass?


the fat female cashier next to him even gave me a look like sorry he's an asshole everyday.


whatever. i got anger issues too. so lets just get this over with so i can get back to drinking and changing my oil.


he rings up the oil and says that will be $9.00!


huh? its an even exchange




why is that? its the same price?


well you bought it at ANOTHER AUTOZONE and got the free oil filter from there so it will be $9.00!


now why would I pay you $9.00 for oill that i got for $10.99?




after a deep breath, fine leave it just give me my oil and I'll go to the other store.




at this point I'm not having it any more so I say now why the fuck would i give you $9.00 for an even fucking exchange? give me back my fucking oil!


watch your language MR!


Fuck you! give me my oil and I'll be on my way.


he grabs the oil and move it further behind the counter.


listen you fucking retard give me back my fucking oil!


a crowd begins to gather and dude is getting embarrassed.


so he looks like hes about to hit me.


i lean over the counter and say go ahead you bald bitch hit me!


so he walks away with my oil and i follow him and say do you actually think this counter is going to stop me from getting my fucking oil!


so he reconsiders realising im not going anywhere and hes not gettin $9.00

so he throws it at me. for a second i think about kicking the shit out of him but then i figure

over fucking oil? fuck it. ( this must be the old age) so i grab my bag tell bald Geoff

fuck you very much!


then some fat white trash dude says hey calm down man and watch your mouth around my

wife. motioning towards the fat troll with bleech blond hair and dirty sweatpants


i chuckle and say And fuck you too!


the troll speaks up and says HEYYY now watch your damn language!


fuck you too you fat bitch!


then i walk out and return my oil at the other autozone. i explained my story of why i no

longer had a reciept and dude gave me a case of oil for free. sweet. and i hope this doesnt turn you off from shopping at autozone. naw im straight.

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Haha, dude that's fucking awesome. I don't go to Autozone anymore because they are all fucking idiots when it comes to auto parts.

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HAHAHAHA! handled it the same way i would of.


who elese wants a peice of this "fuck you" cake?..... that what i thought.

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that guy is a shithead, i dont understand why people are asshole when they work. what the fuck man your gettng paid arn't you, so do your fucking job.

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if you liked the auto zone why not try some of our other zones ||:

























ho nomo...JIC

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friend zone is a horrible place......








im stuck in it...






LMFAO i aint ever heard no fuckin KRAGEN



murray got some dumbass teens though.

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apparently kragen is located only in cali


but the people that own cali also own a bunch of other stores elsewhere


* Checker Auto Parts, founded in 1969, with 442 stores in the Southwestern, Rocky Mountain, and Northern Plains states and Hawaii.

* Schucks Auto Supply, founded in 1917, with 226 stores in the Pacific Northwest and Alaska.

* Kragen Auto Parts, founded in 1947, with 493 stores primarily in California.

* Murray's Discount Auto Stores, founded in 1972, with 112 stores in the Upper Midwest.

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