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KR Thread <-------

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tried to see if he already had a thread, couldnt find one, so here it is!

dude put in major work, and was the first real writer that caught my attention when i was like 6 years old. big ups to kr.

all flicks stolen



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I did an interview wtih KR for a little zine I used to make back in the mid-late 90s called Night Writer (I know, super original name). Anyway, here it is complete with the blownout color cover and centerfold. Enjoy..






NW: What do you write?



NW: When did you start writing?

KR: I started writing in like 89-90. Somewhere in there


NW: Who helped bring you up? Who were some of your early influences?

KR: My brother Dash MDC was writing before me, so I was around writers even before I myself wrote. Back then it was impossible not to know a writer. But as far as who influenced me, I would say mainly Dash MDC and SPONE.


NW: How did they help influence you? They were into bombing and that really rubbed off on me. I wasn't that good at piecing so bombing seemed like the thing for me. I also liked seeing insides and drippy mop tags. Like Roaches. Chino's hand style and witty shit he would write definitely caught my eye. Cost and Revs did some original shit. Cost always had a unique handstyle that I always liked.


NW: What other scenes have you been apart of?

KR: Well, shortly after I started writing in NY I left for college. I was in Boston for a year. Boston was dead in terms of graff at the time and I really didn't like the city. So I went back to NY for a minute. From there I left for SF in 92.


NW: So how was the scene here in SF in 92?

KR: Well when I came here I wasn't writing right away. I was working in Daly City and living in the Sunset. I didn't know the city too well back then and there was a paint ban. It took me awhile to get my bearings and some supplies. SF was such a rack then. It was really good to me. From there I became the black and white fillin/mop tag guy. Nobody else was really into that yet so I really came off.


NW: How has the scene changed since 1992? Who have you seen come (and stay) and go that has really impacted the scene?

KR: Thats a big question. It has changed in so many ways. When I first got here people were starting to move to Sf and that helped change and develop the scene. There were alot of people piecing at spots like Psycho City, Norfolk Alley and other spots around the city. UB40 was the only real street presence that was noticeable. Everyone seemed like they just wanted to piece Psycho and I wasn't really into that. Everyone was painting there. Loomit even had a piece there for a bit. There was alot of cool shit there. It was just always getting dissed by toys and that pissed me off so I stayed away from there and stuck to the streets. I liked the streets better anyways.


NW: Was anyone going all city at that point or was it just pretty much all just piecing spots at that point?

KR: No. KGM, Orfn, Bles, Spie, Dream and a few others were doing their thing. TMF and I started really doing our thing in the city with fillins and mop tags. TMF already had it on lock though. They had been doing it before I got here. The streets were really getting wrecked there for a minute. And of course the bus hoppers were doing their thing. ARM was on top of that. As far as how the SF scene has changed I would say it has just grown alot. There are more fillins, mop tags and rooftop spots in general. SF has always been a good place for bombing.


NW: So who would you say influences you now?

KR: I would say SPONE mostly. Also people doing bucket fills like Espo and Revs. I like some of the things coming out of Europe. Their stuff is new. There's alot of talented people over there. Its definitely influencing alot of what we are starting to see here now. I like it all. Really im into seeing anyone who is really coming off.


NW: So I hear you're out of SF now.

KR: Yeah I am on the East coast for a bit now.


NW: Oh yeah? How is it there compared to the way it was when you left SF?

KR: I have only been back for a short while so its hard to say right now. I will say that there is alot of history here though.


NW: So you have any good stories that happened to you while you were out painting?

KR: I did a fillin on a truck while a dude was getting a blowjob from a hooker. I could hear her sucking his dick cause they were right next to me. They didn't seem to mind and I didn't either. I actually caught this flick of them but you cant really see her (the pic was used for the cover). It was pretty ghetto. Man you have to put up with so much bullshit. I cant tell you how many times I have had to deal with human shit. It sucks. A job hazard I suppose.


NW: You ever been caught?

KR: Yeah, a few times. Getting busted is the worst. Court and all that bullshit. I have been lucky though. I've gotten off light with only a night here and there in jail.


NW: Any last words?

KR: Don't hate.





-dagmar onasis iii esq.

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