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Banana slugs

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dont be jealous of the slug, yours will grow back when you get off the roids



thats a new one!


but i mean glad to know my dilz is in your thoughts faggot.

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my old boss went there

he said the hippie teachers picked banana slugs as a fuck you to who ever it was who MADE them select a mascot


my old boss was a liar though,, so i dunno

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its illegal to kill banana slugs out there....

one of my homies went out there and killed one and almost got into alot of shit for it.....

long story.

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The coating offers other protections as well. It allows slugs to travel unharmed across the sharp edge of a razor blade or piece of glass, and can thwart predators; the slug excretes thick mucus and humps its body up, making itself appear larger. When the slime comes into contact with a moist surface, it produces an anesthetic which causes the membranes to go numb.



The slime of the banana slug also lubricates the terrain over which they move, so they can travel more easily. When climbing a tree, a slug can drop back down quickly using a string of slime. Researchers have made unsuccessful attempts to reproduce slug slime, since it is one of the best natural glues, and has potential uses in medicine.



Ariolimax dolichophallus, a species of banana slug (dolichophallus meaning "long penis" in Latin) has the largest penis-to-body length ratio of any animal. The record-holding specimen had a body length of 6 inches (15 cm), with a phallus length of 32.5 inches (82 cm), well over five times the body length.



yall are jeeaalous

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