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Reinventing Government:

Fast Bullets


Culture Changes


Reinventing Government first emerged near the end of World War I. As the proletarians were laying down groundwork for socialist revolution, the bourgeois were subtly doing similar. The bankers and the rich were creating their own form of socialism. A form of socialism that would have two classes, rather than one: "those that govern and those that are governed." Do not forget that in a true American republic, the people are supposed to govern themselves. [see Federal Reserve, World Banks]


The philosophy of Follett comes from the teachings of John Ruskin, a 19th century Oxford University fine arts professor. Around the time of Karl Marx, Ruskin began teaching the children of England’s elites the importance of spreading the culture of a ruling class. He taught them that “if they did not extend their way of life to the lower classes of not only England but to the non-English-speaking world as well, ignorant commoners would eventually overwhelm their civilization.” [see United Nations]


"ballot-box democracy is what this book is written to oppose." She “felt that government based on individual rights had no place in modern political theory and disliked the system of checks and balances because it prevented power from being concentrated in the hands of a small group of people.” [see Patriot Act, electronic voting]


“Group organization is to be the new method of politics… Group rights would now take the place of individual rights. Under the old order, man was endowed with certain God given rights—under the new system the only rights that man had were those that the group would bestow upon him.” [see Corporations-Are-People Act, i forgot]


“society, however, does not consist merely of the union of all these various groups. There is a more subtle process going on--the interlocking of groups. And in these interlocking groups we have not only the same people taking up different activities, but actually representing different interests.” “Interlocking groups make it possible for a very small number of people to control a very large number of groups.” [see Republican and Democrats]


“The training for the new democracy must be from the cradle through nursery, school and play, and on and on through every activity of our life. Citizenship is not to be learned in good government classes or current events courses or lessons in civics. It is to be acquired only through those modes of living and acting which shall teach us how to grow the social consciousness. This should be the object of all day school education, of all night school education, of all our supervised recreation, of all our family life, of our club life, of our civic life.” [see Public Education]


The book talks about the Reinventing Government treatise. It is the foundation of present day policy and legislation. The reason things are the way they are.


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Mary Follett's book is the Communist Manifesto for Right-wing Beaurcrats. Which was written around the same time too. Why I never heard of the book before is a mystery to me. I blame that god darnit public education.


I'm probably just late again on this boat. 'Bout to get that Mary Follett book tommorow.

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Okay so I just reread my post.


The New State wasn't written around the time of Marx. Its the teachings of John Ruskin, that Follett based her book, which happened around the time of the socialist movement.


I suck with threads.

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Reinventing Government by David Osborne and Ted Gaebler


Summary of Reinventing Government by David Osborne and Ted Gaebler


"The authors, David Osborne and Ted Gaebler, argue that American governmental bureaucracy, which was appropriate to the industrial era and times of economic and military crisis during which it was created, is not the best system of governance for the post-industrial information age."




Critical Studies in Organization and Bureaucracy by Frank Fischer, Carmen Sirianni says,


"Rather than disempowering clients rationing and control, as Michael Lipsky's classic analysis reveals (In "Rationing of Services in Street-Level Bureaucracies," Part III, Chapter 15), programs, as Osborne and Gaebler show, can be designed to empower even the inner-city welfare mother who is often the foremost victim.


ThinkSmall plan for the coming tomorrow: Buy these books in paperback, read them, understand them, and preach! Thank god for that last minute Barnes and Nobles gift card i got for Christmas from some douche. Oh the little things that change your life..


.. and as much as i know how terrible this sounds to some of you, vote Ron Paul.

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" Synopsis


Since the rise and fall of the Nazis in the midtwentieth century, fascism has been seen as an extreme right-wing phenomenon. Liberals have kept that assumption alive, hurling accusations of fascism at their conservative opponents. LIBERAL FASCISM offers a startling new perspective on the theories and practices that define fascist politics. Replacing conveniently manufactured myths with surprising and enlightening research, Jonah Goldberg shows that the original fascists were really on the Left and that liberals, from Woodrow Wilson to FDR to Hillary Clinton, have advocated policies and principles remarkably similar to those of Hitler's National Socialism.


Goldberg draws striking parallels between historic fascism and contemporary liberal doctrines. He argues that "political correctness" on campuses and calls for campaign finance reform echo the Nazis' suppression of free speech; and that liberals, like their fascist forebears, dismiss the democratic process when it yields results they dislike, insist on the centralization of economic decision-making, and seek to insert the authority of the state in our private lives-from bans on smoking to gun control. Covering such hot issues as morality, anti-Semitism, science versus religion, health care, and cultural values, he boldly illustrates the resemblances between the opinions advanced by Hitler and Mussolini and the current views of the Left.


Impeccably researched and persuasively argued, LIBERAL FASCISM will elicit howls of indignation from the liberal establishment-and rousing cheers from the Right. "

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