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Ironlak hands down! Gotta support your local paint :)


And speaking of aussie paint, can any aussies recommend any other australian paints?? at the local shops all theyve got is those white knight paints, which look shit... has anyone tried these???


Plasticotes, kill rust, white knights, DONT GO NEAR 5 STAR, just regular $2 export is great. cant think of any others atm

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I like it.. the smell kinda reminds me of either krylon ultraflatblack or sparvar from back in the europe days....... goodshit though laks.....colors are dope... most cover well....and honestly, it's really cost equivalent to rusto's when ordered in bulk....So ol Dad had to give himself some gifts as the first daughter(child) is on her way......... keep up the good work fellas..........







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i have the same XD-45!!! AHHH that is crazy dude! you got the same chrome clips too just like mine. shit is hot aint it in teh desert brown? its the most balanced and accurate 45ACP i have ever shot, which is just about everything.


two others one's ive owned are the baby desert eagle 9mm which sucked and jammed every chance it got, and then there is the mother of all hitek shit... FN Herstal 5.27x28 with the 20 round clip. it is basically a tactical assault rifle packed into one pistol. its soooo hot. you can fire teflon jackets from it that will pierce several layers of kevlar like butter. (seriously, google that shit) and also hollow points.



its the lightest gun i have ever owned or held, even when fully loaded it is a breeze to handle and operate.

if the price isnt much of an issue to you, this carbine is a MUST HAVE for any serious gun collector.

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hahahahaha.....I've watched every video there is for the 5.7.for the sake of.(armour piercing rifle rounds from 75-100 yards out).. fkin forget it....lol.... it was either paint and the 9mm.. or spend 1200 on the fn57..... had to go with the paint but already got the savings account going for the 57.. .so ill man... not sure where your at but in va/dc they trying to keep the 57's on closed shelves for civilians.......the model shown is the 9mm.. I love it.. no complaints at all and manufactured 45mins away...hha.......and yeah,,.. im lovin the armygreen status..........goodshit man.... stayup

ps......... the AA12shots next.....lol

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