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Hi Zeek,


In the picture it was paint that was produced well over a year ago, that piece was painted almost 12 months ago now and we've made some adjustments to the pigments since then as we've mentioned on previous pages.


While the background and outline aren't in great shape the fills and some of the background haven't changed, even though it may look that way, if you notice the photo was taken at different times of the day thereby giving a worse Impression of the state of the piece that what it really is as it has sunlight creating some glare. That being said we're not saying the outline and pink background aren't in bad shape. As mentioned we've increased the pigment grade to Automotive grade in the past few months and its something that should be filtering through in the USA now.


We couldn't give you a clear cut answer as to what grade of pigment was in your can because we have different levels of stocks with different pink and purple colours, so without first knowing the batch no. on the bottom of the can we couldn't give you a definite answer.



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yea, it looks like your right. but it also looks like some of the colors have no chance standing up to the sunlight. but its all good dont worry, i love ironlaks, they are great, cover nicely, and are way cheaper then any other can. Other then krylon and rusto but i dont like those cans anyways. just keep doing what your doing at the SAME price and ill be more then happy.

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If you dont like it, dont use.......pretty simple really!


The fact the guys get on here and explain the issue means they're trying to resolve it. If you aint got anything productive to say, then keep it to yaself. Wak posts like "ironlak fades fast' doesn't help anyone and only makes you look stupid

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the cost is about the same as any euro paint, it only has 312ml others have 400 so if you break it down your paying for the same amount of paint, great marketing though.


the only complaint i have, besides the cans leaking like crazy on me(im sure it was the old leaker cans so im not worried), is the size of the can. whereas with rusto i can pretty much fill 4 full letters with 1 can, and 1 can of ironlak got me almost 3 half letters, which is fine its thick i get that.


but raels sublime is a joke of a color, it doesnt cover shit. the smurf was probably my fav color ill end up buying more smurf. also the tar black does not cover silver as well as they said but it works.

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Sorry, if this question has been asked before, and this question is direct towards the newer mix. Before I invest money into the product, How well does it hold up against steel ?


Knowing that in a 1 month period it could see snow, and extreme heat while making its rounds across North America..

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