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you know what... im probably not gonna have the chance to start my own paint company soon, so might as well shoot it here... this ones for you guys at ironLAK... have you ever considered just using old plastic soda bottles, filling with paint, adding a valve system (maybe a considerably cheaper valve system at that, like plastic) and pressurizing? ive always wondered if the metal cans made production cost more, and consider this, if you guys (ironlaK) made your own recycling campaign thing, writers like us would send you our old soda bottles to use for containers... fuck it, wed even send you our dead cans, just without puncturing them.... we all gotta start thinking of ways to re- cycle the supplies we use... instead of just wasting them and making our planet a dumping ground for our shit that we dont even think twice about...

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That is some great brainstorming there. Really creative idea's man, seriously.


The thing about the plastic is that it wouldn't meet dangerous goods packaging standards set out by governments in each country, in reality the solvents would probably be ok with PET bottles, but we'd need to test it. That being said its not something that we can really take upon ourselves to start doing given the legislation set out by governments on safe packaging. Bigmetalcircus was pretty on point with his explanation.


We completely agree with you on the environmental aspect and its why we went to the smaller Lids / caps because it uses less plastic, we're also working on a few really big things on an environmental level in the background that really should move us in the right direction with regards to going more "green" but we'll keep you updated at the appropriate time.



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IRONLAK = DOPENESS. so cheap 4 quality paint. gettin a mad colour range up now and those new pink stockys are so nice with the pressure, definate combo right there. skinny and fat lines in one STOCK cap. talkin 2mm - 20mm no skill required. all who are dissing need to pull ya skirts up and remember the old days and appriciate the quality and ease of paint these days. ironlak gettin there bumps ironed out and doin it right by us. cheers ironlak and jam it all u whinging metro's

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fucka petrolium, we use ironlak, made from vegetables and stuff, and uhhhh.. hemp oil :) i wish. nanana it would be dope though to have any synthetic or petroleum based products replaced with like hemp oilds or something... smoooooth lay

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wow there are some pretty outrageous posts on here so we're not entirely sure what justifies being responded to and what doesn't. So we've responded in general to most of the feedback on the past few pages.


Regarding the smell, its been addressed who knows how many times in here, but its a perfume in the paint, we're actually in the process of reducing the perfume content because we later found out a high percentage of people get headaches from perfumes, this is a reaction in their brain and has nothing to do with how toxic the perfume is. Someone mentioned nerve damage, we had to laugh, how far do you want to stretch the truth?


On the subject of smell Ephect said companies lie. I'm sure some do but lets be honest Graffiti is a culture built around word of mouth. If we lie about something our reputation and credibility will be shot down eventually, we're not a company that really thinks short term, if we were then maybe lying would be advantageous but as it stands lying to our customers wouldn't be the smartest move for us to build long-term support


We've a company of writers (unlike most other brands) and every writer employed at Ironlak uses only Ironlak. While I wouldn't encourage others to follow in my footsteps, i NEVER wear a mask or gloves.


The other thing is that as its a perfume in the paint, it doesn't itself smell like paint, so while the smell may be strong, most people won't recognise Ironlak's smell as paint when they smell it.


Someone mentioned fading, we've stated a while back (maybe a month ago) that we've increased all of our pigment grades to 7, with the exception of one (its not available in Grade 7) basically this is the highest level of pigment available, its automotive grade, so while some colours will fade regardless of what brands you use we can assure you that in the colours that are more likely to fade ours will last as long as anything else that is available.



The Ironlak Team


Found this on the write4gold site. http://www.write4gold.info/html/Melbourne__AU.419.0.html This was only 2 years ago. :lol:


For a company that claims to be the world's best spraypaint you sure do defend yourselves a lot.


I've tried Ironlak but can't say it's good at all. Apart from the price! But I suppose every writer is different, a lot of my friends use it because they paint steel snd don't want to waste a fortune, but others that paint walls prefer to use molotow cause they don't fade and they are more reliable.


Thank you.;)

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