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Top Posters In This Topic

Man this appreciation thread is that of VIP quality, you nine year olds haven't developed a proper palet.

I'm talkin that real talk, that liquorice stalk talk









Don't twist tounges. this shit aint twizz, it's Austrailian Strawberry Cut, WHUT IT DO CUZZZ








MAKE EM SAY UUUUhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh na nah na nah.

Maniac No Limit Black Liqourice Click

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also, licorice is not something enjoyed by people with a more developed palette, its enjoyed by people who's palette has downsyndrome.


My roommate had a saying, "I don't like black people, and I don't like their licorice."...I have nothing against the people, but the licorice tastes like shit.

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if black licorice is designed for palettes with down syndrome, then my palatte looks like this:




and rocks the short bus every fucking day!


i love black licorice. i've never seen those "nigroid" candies though. that's some funny shit. it's like the hip hop android of the future! i even think i heard buck rogers say that to twiki on one episode.


"twiki, you my nigroid yo, now pass me that swisher and bottle of grape soda."



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i was on a 5 hour train ride in italy and a nice little old lady refused to let me turn down her black licorice candies. she was trying to be nice so i swallowed them like they were pills to avoid that nasty taste, but i almost threw up all over her. apparently my accent wasn't good enough to differentiate "no thanks i couldn't possibly accept anymore of your delicious candies" from "listen lady your nice and all but i said 'no thanks' these things re fucking killing me."

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