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I be brewing my own BERRRRRR!!


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Is one of my favourites.


Thanks man Ill check it out when I get home. I was leant http://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/0882662570


Super super basic but a good reference I guess



Anyway we mashed that batch at 67 C




Bottled first batch in some clear 32oz bottles on sat

Taste at the time was very very mild hoppy, faint tangerine smell for some reason …




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i belieive it was 10 oz of grain.

and i think w started with 2.5 gal water and added another 2.5 later on... all memory so bare with me here.


any risk w the glass other than them breaking? going to be in a dark closet for a few wks

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zero bottles burst, a couple lost carbonation though



first batch came out delicious

second batch meh

havent tasted third yet



we should be going to mexico to bring back a case or two of quart bottles that take a crown cap

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Wasting time on the mountain making wines and beers with my alcoholic/Aussie house mate. I don't drink wine or beer so he had an average of two bottles of wine a day and 9 beers a day for about 400$ investment over 4 months time. Fairly certain he still has some wine left but the beers were drank as fast as we brewed. Making your own shit is so damn economical.



he figured it was a waste to dump out the beakers when testing so he'd drink them, hence why he's drinking a beaker.

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Very generous w the poontang

Very good openers, American chicks love accents

Very fun to party with. If all ya got is a 6 pack it's still gonna be a blast if you're with an Aussie




Bonus points : Aussie chicks are easy. .........(like American accents?)

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