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Cruz sisters' erotic video boosts brother



When trying to make a name for yourself as a pop star, there is nothing like falling back on the support of your more famous siblings. Eduardo Cruz, younger brother of Spain's leading lady, Penélope, may not yet be a household name, but the publicity surrounding his latest video has done his prospects no harm.


In the video for Cosas Que Contar, Penélope appears alongside another Cruz family member - their sister Mónica - in what has been described by the Spanish press as an erotic spectacular.


The video opens with the two sisters dubbing a lesbian pornographic film, and they then dance around in a variety of bikinis, rip their stockings and suck on lollipops. But the moment that has garnered all the headlines comes when Penélope is seen in a clinch with another woman.


Penélope is Spain's favourite daughter and her love life has long been the subject of fevered speculation. But she has not featured in scenes of quite such an obviously erotic nature since making her name in the 1992 film Jamón, Jamón, in which she starred with her current boyfriend, the actor Javier Bardem.


The video has already been watched by hundreds of thousands of people on video-sharing websites and the publicity has certainly brought Eduardo to the public's attention. However, some critics have suggested that if he wants his career to last, he is going to have to do more than rely on teenage boys downloading the video clip of his sisters.


On the MundoMusica blog, one writer suggests Eduardo's qualities as a singer "are in inverse proportion to the keenness of young heterosexuals to see the Cruz sisters".






http://de.youtube.com/watch?v=sVWMyplk_RE :)



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