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end of the world 2009


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and by MAY 2008 we are all going to be tagged RIFD chips.


RFID CHIP, REAL ID ACT, CASHLESS SYSTEM: reader comment from oldgrapeape

Posted on: March 17, 2006, 11:41 AM PST

Story: RFID tags: Big Brother in small packages


The RFID CHIP is for sure reality, and will play a major part of keep tract, enslaving, and destroying people before long.


The REAL ID ACT (National ID Card) was past by dim-wits we voted into Office, it is now Law, and has to be in-place and working by May 2008 in every State.


If you listened real close to President Bush's speech awhile back, the day after his National Address to the Nation (world). �He spoke of an ID Card for Spanish people coming across our Borders to work. But he said those Cards can be counterfeited, and all a person would have to do is show one of those Cards to an employer, and they would not know the difference.� In other words, the "Real ID Card� as a Drivers License" (even with a RFID Chip), WILL NOT WORK by itself..


Therefore it is clear, some thing else will have to be done. That leaving only TWO other irons in the fire.

(1) A person will either have to have a Electronic Tattoo or CHIP IMPLANT under the skin.

(2) An ID Card in one�s wallet will not work, so there will have to be a visible Tag or Badge worn.

(3) NONE of this will work without going CASH-LESS. Paper and Coin Money will have no value at all. Burn it, makes no difference.


Mark it down: �Within the next two (2) years, we will wake-up one money to find we are CASH-LESS. We will have to report to some place set-up, and receive a MARK or CHIP IMPLANT. Other wise we can not buy, sell, or trade. Nothing can or will work without going CASH-LESS.


Mr. Greenspan said back in 2002 on C-SPAN. �That the United States needed to go into War with Iraq. That should make the weakening US Dollar strong.� Mr. Greenspan also said. �All Nations would have to go to ZERO BALANCE DEBT (that being CASH-LESS), and start all over with no debt. That would give the United States many more products to sell than other countries would have, and the US would do well.� It�s a long time worked on plan, but most, if not all, of the sick, weak, poor, and elderly will have to die, as with those who will not buy into their New Order World plan, which will become a One Order World.


If it doesn�t sound like a big deal to you, wait until you go to buy gas, go to a Doctor, buy food or medication. Pay your property tax, buy a car tag, pay your electric and water bills, Try and receive your retirement and social security check etc., you have already been told by the Government that it WILL NOT happen. Then we will fast, within 30 to 45 days, move into the Seek And Destroy mode for all those trouble makers who do not have and will not take the World ID.


Amazing how the Bird Flue has killed around one hundred (100) people around the World, out of it�s population of over six billion (6,000,000,000,000) people. Yet they have just told us that the Bird Flue will hit the United States this coming Fall of 2006.


It was first said around one to one a half (1 to 1 ½ ) million people here in the US would die. Then some place I heard three to five (3 to 5) million people would die. That would really lower the costs of taking care of the Sick and Needy, the Elderly, and build-up money for Social Security and Benefits for the Wealthy�s future.


We have been told that two thirds (2/3) of Africa would either have Aids or be dead from Aids by 2010. We have been told that one half (½) of the World�s population would have some kind of Cancer by 2010. We have been told they are taking oil out of the ground five (5) times fast than ever before with the new ways of drilling and recovery. Therefore there WILL NOT be any more oil we can reach and recover by 2010. Of course the list goes on and on about what we have been told. The truth is, some thing has to be done, there has to be a New Order World. A World with healthy slaves to a system for the unsatisfiable wealthy. It is all a game in their little mines, but in their foolishness of playing chess with human beings. They are not only selling their own souls and well being. But they are fulfilling just what God said they would do in these last days.


Now if you think that because you live in America, and it will never happen here, because America is special and blessed. You had better wake-up to both reality and God�s Word. God is not only no respecter of persons, He is no respecter of Nations. God uses whoever and whatever He wants to fulfill His purpose, not ours. God �ORDERS,� God �ORDAINS,� and God �ALLOWS� and things to happen or take place to fulfill His purpose, He is God of ALL. He creates, and He destroys, He heals, and He kills. Those who Preach and Teach different, are Preaching a new god, not the God of the Bible and a never changing God and His Word. Study the Scriptures yourself, let no man or woman deceive you.


If you are a Saint, Christian FOLLOWER of Christ, and you believe you are going to skip right out of here in the Rapture before these things take place, sorry, your wrong. You have been listening to maybe self-gain money Preachers and Teachers leading you to believe that this generation (you and yours) are more Holier than Jesus, the Disciples in God�s Word, and all the millions who have had to be tried, tested, and die for the witness of Christ and God�s Word. The Tribulation Period HAS STARTED, you are in the beginning of it. Things ARE NOT going to get better, but far worse very fast. Get ready, really ready to withstand what is coming, by the power of God. Don�t get caught sleeping or listening to scriptures taken out of context for making money and earthly family Kingdom Building. Get BUSY yourselves, YOU spread the Word, YOU get people ready, You lead people to Jesus, not to their Checkbook or your Bank Account.


There will be a Rapture, but it may will come around forty five (45) days into the second half of the Tribulation Period. Jesus gave us a KEY VERSE in Matthew 24:15. We don�t know yet who the Anti-Christ is (may be Hitler who comes back-up out of the Pit?). But we have a good idea who the False Prophet is or will be. Revelation 13:11 tell us he will be a Christ-like man, yet he speaks as a dragon (evil). He will be im-powered by the Anti-Christ, and he will be the Chief and Commander over the World�s Military (great fire-power) and Law Enforcement, like Home Land Security is now growing so fast and given almost all power and authority over people and Law Enforcement.


There is a lot more to it all. But the point here is to be ready. It is upon us, we can not back down or up. We can not set by and let other worry and tote our load any longer. We must do our part.

God Bless

Jimmie Lee King

Gassaway, Tn

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The cosmic cross formed by the intersecting Milky Way and plane of the ecliptic was called the Sacred Tree by the Maya. The trunk of the tree, the Axis Mundi, is the Milky Way, and the main branch intersecting the tree is the plane of the ecliptic. Mythically, at sunrise on December 21, 2012, the Sun - our Father - rises to conjoin the center of the Sacred Tree, the World Tree, the Tree of Life..


This rare astronomical event, foretold in the Mayan creation story of the Hero Twins, and calculated empircally by them, will happen for many of us in our lifetime. The Sun has not conjoined the Milky Way and the plane of the ecliptic since some 25,800 years ago, long before the Mayans arrived on the scene and long before their predecessors the Olmecs arrived. What does this mean?


Due to a phenomenon called the precession of the equinoxes, caused by the Earth's wobble that lasts almost 26,000 years, the apparent location of the Winter Solstice sunrise has been ever so slowly moving toward the Galactic Center. Precession may be understood by watching a spinning top. Over many revolutions the top will rise and dip on its axis, not unlike how the Earth does over an extremely long period of time. One complete rise and dip constitutes the cycle of precession.


The Mayans noticed the relative slippage of the positions of stars in the night sky over long periods of observation, indicative of precession, and foretold this great coming attraction. By using an invention called the Long Count, the Mayans fast-forwarded to anchor December 21, 2012 as the end of their Great Cycle and then counted backwards to decide where the calendar would begin. Thus the Great Cycle we are currently in began on August 11, 3114 B.C. But there's more.


The Great Cycle, lasting 1,872,000 days and equivalent to 5,125.36 years, is but one fifth of the Great Great Cycle, known scientifically as the Great Year or the Platonic Year - the length of the precession of the equinoxes. To use a metaphor from the modern industrial world, on Winter Solstice A.D. 2012 it is as if the Giant Odometer of Humanity on Earth hits 100,000 miles and all the cycles big and small turn over to begin anew. The present world age will end and a new world age will begin.


Over a year's time the Sun transits through the twelve houses of the zodiac. Many of us know this by what "Sun sign" is associated with our birthday. Upping the scale to the Platonic Year - the 26,000 year long cycle - we are shifting, astrologically, from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius. The Mayan calendar does not really "end" in 2012, but rather, all the cycles turn over and start again, vibrating to a new era. It is as if humanity and the Earth will graduate in the eyes of the Father Sun and Grandmother Milky Way.



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