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The "Your Day in Pies" Photothread (non artistic)


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7 hours ago, One Man Banned said:

Needs more arrows.  Surprised no one picked up on dude aiming to put that ketchup on.


Dude knows what he's doing.



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1 minute ago, ndv said:

@One Man Banned what are turkey like in the wild with human interaction?  Are they territorial? Temperamental?    Do they chase people if we get too close?  


We have enough turkey, but I've seen more impressive groupings of turkeys off grid.  Here it ebbs and flows, and they do move about throughout the season.  One Thanksgiving we had a line of 30+ walk through.  They are generally skittish birds that move away from you on sight.  They do fly and roost in trees at night.  They can be territorial, more when mating.  Their feet have some sharp ass nails that could fuck you or a dog up.  I've never had a problem with one.  If they're on the property I let them do their thing, they suck up ticks like a vacuum.  

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I didn't know they had flight feathers.  From the size of them, they look like they need a runway for 747 to get off the ground.   Interesting info, didn't know their diet consist of ticks.   Props to those guys!

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