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The "Your Day in Pies" Photothread (non artistic)


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last 10 days in pies

went out at 41 degrees to catch some flicks



tree fell down taking out the power to  nearby radius except my house curiously




had a rare Kid free NYE so spent it in the black chair transferring alcoholic beverages from the red bag to my stomach. Had to make sure I was too drunk to go pick up kids to ensure they had to stay at auntie's.

Will be stoked when pool is finished the temp fencing sucks.IMG_6632.thumb.jpg.c4579deb2112c44e53bc4656e325f2ba.jpg


went to watch the early fireworks from around the corner.

dog did a very messy shit on a perfect lawn and I nearly fell in it trying to bag it.



 had new years beers following night down at beach

two aboriginal ladies sitting down were doing a roaring trade in yarndi and shards (weed and ice). slight perveract action on the shotIMG_6636.thumb.jpg.035c34fa02d6daf7dce132d3ba8c45ae.jpg




had a camp out with my son because we were boredIMG_6631.thumb.jpg.59e451a2f5733abf7fd19170a14dd852.jpg


took him on fishing charter for christmas early start



Moon was settingIMG_6622.thumb.jpg.1fcaf894070c3df9fd585a090623032c.jpg


Tommy ruff (australian Herring)



dismal haul made worse by my lack of experience with filleting garfish and whiting

@LUGR you're the fishing guy? how much dows cleaning fish suck?





Love the G on that logo (hash dealer on instagram)


was a bit hot in carpark this afternoonIMG_6629.thumb.jpg.98a6d98ecdd7989120503cc51372c828.jpg

graff n dance


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that looks like paradise. I hope there was a bag of tins as well.

 those flat panel lowbeds look great


 checking out the Murray river floods ( murray darling river system is Australia's longest and a lot of this flood water has been coming from flood in other states for months the peak is due to hit the sea tomorrow.





tree line marks bank on either channel

roof og the jetty sticking out of water town of Bolto underwater.


usually would several hundred house boats here at this time.






levee banks to save centre of Mannum (sucks to be on wrong side





not many drinksIMG_6777.thumb.jpg.227550977f80f8e737d03e051a968ab5.jpg


no drinks at all but a cool sign


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