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The "Your Day in Pies" Photothread (non artistic)


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went to the place featured in this video(NOT MY VIDEO, honestly don't know the photographer) for the first time since 2008. i went there from 2003 to 2008 and just kind of forgot about going there after a while. so it took a little while to find it but sure enough, even after 14 years, i recognized the trailhead from the dirt road that takes you there after doing a little searching around a bit.



anyway, here are my flicks from todays visit:

these first ones were from the upper bridge, way scarier than i remember, honestly will probably never cross that bridge again because the ties(and really the metal supports as well..) all seemed like they had rotten over the years to the point where they were no longer safe to tread. urban legend has it that people used to jump off these bridges into the creek below, was probably fun as fuck. i myself never went swimming there back in the day.DSC04480.thumb.JPG.97a6ca5653d564eedbc98a11a07e0049.JPG












finally made it down safe after the first trestle thankfully. now here are the flicks from the ground of the lower(apparently still active, but i've never seen anything roll through..) bridge and stuff around it:DSC04487.thumb.JPG.0166ba0c31e556abbdf66771f80c9c5e.JPG







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