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The "Your Day in Pies" Photothread (non artistic)


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Had an adventurous day yesterday before going to see suicide boys in concert..





Stopped at the job for some food.. mainly to use my work discount and not drop alot of money..



Veggie burger (beyond beef), Belgium waffles with the works, and a turkey club in the back with beer battered french fries.. old fashioned and a "Daisy" cocktail which consists of pineapple rum, raspberry liqueur and topped with prosecco and a pineapple wedge..



Weird being on the other side of the table for once..



Surprised my manager hooked us up with some shots for the road.. of course I'm gonna say yes to free booze..









View of the stage for a while.. I'll explain in a sec..



His and hers



Night Lovell 



After Ramirez went on me and my girl went upstairs mainly because some wack Lil Mexican chick was trying to squeeze through like an asshole to the fence.. she stuck her leg in between mine and kept pushing me into my girl thus squishing her and pissing her off.. I told her like "yo there ain't no room here back up" she said she was trying to get to her friends on the other side of the fence which I responded with "not my problem I don't give a fuck move around you're squishing my girl" so some boney white chick let her in front of her then started throwing her back all on my arm squishing is again.. so I said fuck it when he gets off let's go upstairs but my girl was so pissed she was ready to throw hands like the exact second he got off stage she yelled "aight who's the bitch?! Where she at??" And she NEEEEVER gets like that.. as much as I wanted to muff ol girl I figured it ain't worth it plus the view from the balcony was dope so fuck it.. 🤷🏽‍♂️ 









Now I'm just chilling at the crib with some bruised forearms from the gate and my girl had bruises on her knees as well.. throats a Lil itchy so I grabbed this from the 711.. super meh... No flavor in the noodles only the broth really but it helped my throat a lil I guess.. 




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On 10/24/2021 at 11:33 PM, fat ralphy said:

Drove up to the state capital to make an appearance at a wedding. Stopped by my boys pad and had to document some of his Star Wars collection for the thread.








Damn, I had almost all them shits when I was a little shit. I only had one Tie fighter, but I had all them characters, I even had that Darth Vader case for all the figures. Mom’s trashed all that shit.  I was the ill Star Wars nerd when I was like 4 years old. Then I grew up. 😆

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17 minutes ago, fat ralphy said:

@DRUNKEN-ASSHOLE-ONER That is like 1/3 of the shit my guy has at the crib. 


I am going to ask him to send me some better pics.


Moms threw away all my baseball cards, Ken Griffey rookies, all the classics…….and trashed my Patterson BMX pops got me when stepdad got me a Huffy Mtn. Bike.



There needs to be a SMFH or at least a facepalm in the “likes”. I can’t like, LOL, props, or nothing to a statement like that. 🤦

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 the guy I bought my apartment off had a room full of star wars gear from the 1970's 80's.

 during the open house he sat in the corner of his room with the collection scoping out anybody who walked in there.

had 100's of figures etc.

 even had this  which I had a as a kid



wish I still had the grainy flip phone pic of it.

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