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The "Your Day in Pies" Photothread (non artistic)

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New plant that is already dying I’ll try not to kill.   Breakfast game is always strong and hella greasy strangler.   Snow in April. Ridiculous New England. (Also later

3/27/2020     5:04 am  Wake up, use flash like I don't know how technology works alerting a lakeside neighborhood there's a fool close by          

Went up north to wrigleyville/boystown with my girl to check out this "thc" coffee shop.. it's Delta 8 thc so it doesn't get you baked or anything but I mentioned it the other day and she actually rem

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Went to my old job earlier today to talk to one of the higher up ladies about the rehiring process.. gonna be working in the other room till my old spot in the back opens up in the fall.. kind of excited to go back finally..



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friday night




 saturday morning on way to bug show



bug show was pretty shit we booked it before Covid hit and my kids are now just that bit too old IMG_5293.thumb.jpg.f64dcd470f6d6c0687dadca282d6d080.jpgIMG_5292.thumb.jpg.81a94c7e6959edbf19509472b9770a7b.jpgIMG_5291.thumb.jpg.1c666dca7f4468dd831fb6c4e54fdbd0.jpgIMG_5304.thumb.jpg.9377042de69a2f790ff4d77fa112b477.jpg




throw in a dinosaur why not


dismal dungball



took train home since my son was being a little cunt to his mum.

nice zippy new trains



our train







1up in town



steep hillsIMG_5311.thumb.jpg.59d467f3cf3d6c7d6d394ae7067189b8.jpg


 fright on way home from station




 bit later trying to work out the origin of a weird smell.


kids had been shoving apple cores banana peels and stuff into the top cupboard of entertainment unit along with anything else they coudl think of lollie wrappers, easter eggs wrappers. yoghurt tubes.


cool shopping list i saw on ground at supermarket looks tasty


 cant spell tartare though



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son's first footy match -


 mad Karen cut



people waiting desperately for liquor store to open


took dogs and kids for a walk

city views




steep track


pumpkin patchIMG_5319.thumb.jpg.99bf43b7ee725af365d102bfe12e8c42.jpg


next day skimboarding frenchie



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So miscommunication's got me down.  Stranded in Redding with a tattoo appointment in St. Louis that's impossible to make.  Talked to the people and thought I had changed my reservation.  They didn't write that down.  So walked to weed store and the universe is fine.




Random can o beans...




Dude yells from across the street asking if I had a light.  Walked over and 



I let him keep the lighter. and made it to the weed store



Folks just don't pick up hitchikers any more...



Shower beer.






Now to get out of Cali...

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^^fun fact: when they tore down a building that was built right against this existing one, the old painted signage was exposed after having been tucked away for years. when it was uncovered again, it was restored to the color and quality it is now.

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Yesterday was my first day back to work in the hotel I was at.. it was a "friends and family" soft opening but we only have legit 5 people on staff so everyone was all over the place really.. bartenders serving and making drinks, me running food, watering, clearing AND taking orders when I can.. it was a bit chaotic at first but whatever we made it out alive and everyone was happy.. surprisingly everything was still in the same spot from a year ago even our game of hangman in the back that nobody got which was kind of funny.. anyway here's pics of the top golf suites and my the restaurant I was in pre-covid but in the same building..




not gonna lie I miss this room.. fun backstory of the hotel I'm in. It was built in 1893 and the association was founded by wrigley, spaulding and mccormick and was a member only hotel.. funny thing is comiskey tried joining and was denied twice because of the whole "nothside/southside" rivalry.. plus since wrigley helped founded it there's cubs logos everywhere.. I served a construction worker who helped restore the building and was telling me they kept finding hidden hallways and passage ways like every other day like it was ordinary.. somebody also seen a ghost on the 8th floor and refused to work overnights after that.. also the room is all natural cherry wood still the same from back in the day and is the longest bar in the entire hotel.. 

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