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The "Your Day in Pies" Photothread (non artistic)

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New plant that is already dying I’ll try not to kill.   Breakfast game is always strong and hella greasy strangler.   Snow in April. Ridiculous New England. (Also later

Going to try this on mobile....   Photos from a recent trip to CDMX, with bonus pix from Cancun & Tulum:   One of the oldest & most famous cantinas in Mexico:   

Oh...hey gang, Well, I joined the site officially (as Bojangles) around 2001 but was on here with random names before that. So, I would have been around 24 or so at the time. I'm 43 now. You migh

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On 4/4/2021 at 9:57 PM, NightmareOnElmStreet said:


every fuckin time I go to post now. tech smarts people, help me out. 

Too large to post. Try posting smaller stuff.
































































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My phone is pretty much filled with work pics now. 


I find time for a walk occasionally 








more work. We had a busted pipe above the nursery. (A contractor forgot to seal this pipe and a huge change in water pressure took it apart. Been running smooth this whole year so far). This happened on the last 5 minutes of two twelve hour shifts.  It completely rained all over our mom plants and clones on the top racks.   Luckily it missed the tissue culture room   
We have had to completely rearrange and adjust plans for near future  plans. We have since gutted the entire nursery. Reset many many mom plants. Re evaluate our production line up.  Checking every nut, bolt, pipe, seal, disassemble everything to mitigate any chance  of further damage.  We have been up to our necks in bleach making sure everything has been disinfected. (While still flowering several rooms in the other phase) 




















the magnolias were blooming 



until this 7E5461CB-12E8-4437-B465-275D546FF7EB.thumb.jpeg.a2b1c8c9467d920b6b88c5676a1c236b.jpeg


Spent a day with some great friends I haven’t seen in a year and half.  Four photos were taken the entire time if that speaks how what a great time we had. I missed them so much. We smoked and vibed and ate. Fire and paint by the river. This was one pic. 








Security guard at work left eggs around the facility for Easter.  The other shift got them all before we got to work Sunday morn. 

Then a power outage. With generator failure. 
some rooms lost their functions.  Naturally it happened in the room we had our entire nursery in (temporarily from the flood)    Got a lil warm and a lil humid. Quick. 




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4 hours ago, SMdoubleXL said:

I would like to see someone (one of you preferably) give a “sample” in the lil opening of a vial. (Oops) 


I thought those came with an agar type substance in the bottom ? 

Hold my beer while I find my funnel.

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13 hours ago, SMdoubleXL said:

I would like to see someone (one of you preferably) give a “sample” in the lil opening of a vial. (Oops) 


I thought those came with an agar type substance in the bottom ? 


Think agar is for petri dishes?  I don't know about a vial but I've delivered samples to many women's tubes.

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Out on the line today laying low and there's some strange noises coming from this hollowed tree, can't place the animal.  Tried seeing into it and using flash but concerned something was going to bite my hand.




Wrapped my hand in my hat and leaned the camera in to find....




Looks to be a raccoon and it must have its young tucked under it making the noise.  Looks like it escaped another animal by the hair on its neck somewhere in the past.

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