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The "Your Day in Pies" Photothread (non artistic)

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New plant that is already dying I’ll try not to kill.   Breakfast game is always strong and hella greasy strangler.   Snow in April. Ridiculous New England. (Also later

3/27/2020     5:04 am  Wake up, use flash like I don't know how technology works alerting a lakeside neighborhood there's a fool close by          

Oh...hey gang, Well, I joined the site officially (as Bojangles) around 2001 but was on here with random names before that. So, I would have been around 24 or so at the time. I'm 43 now. You migh

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20201019_104411.thumb.jpg.46ff2a1d41efe8b5c9381870e1693aa3.jpgdropped off my business license renewal at the city along with my $55 money order almost 11 months late. 



Almost tripped over woody while looking for the city drop box




Took some time to sit by the water and watch this little container ship get towed down the river20201019_143123.thumb.jpg.12fcc06dd464ceab8f1c63039fe95d55.jpg


Back at home editing some plans before they get sent off to the permit department.

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Checking out a few fishing holes in the hammock to see if anyone is catching. (No one was). 

Got some poke on the way home. New kid made it so it’s not aesthetically pleasing.


Probably the last nice day in Cleveland for the year. Glad I got to spend it in the woods.





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I took a day off and lined it up with my one weekend off a month and we went camping. 

failed mission to an abandoned train trellises. between the no trespassing signs along with with  heavy presence of a politician’s propaganda, we weighed the whole risk vs. rewards thing and chose to abort mission. 71831C64-7D9E-450A-B777-5F37CADD33FB.thumb.jpeg.a30511082bfe9483846a9704c623d886.jpeg



we drive a little north (PA) and the amount of Trump signs With catch phrases that made any supporter look like in idiot  paired with confederate flags made me feel legitimately uncomfortable 





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I have gotten phenomenal at gathering burnable wood. We had an amazing fire. Woke up our second morning having one of the best  nights of sleep -mind you, it was just below freezing and steady heavy drizzle of rain all night long. 



































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So my girl has been on vacation for a couple of days now and friday she wanted to go downtown by the water and grab some food.. unfortunately the city of chicago and a couple other counties just banned indoor dining.. again.. so we ended up just walking around for a while with some coffee and did some light shopping.. I just bought a dope ass coat last week also and it came in handy to keep me warm..20201030_111450_0.thumb.jpg.f888e346c952e66709ce2aed191b4cc2.jpg20201030_124858_0.thumb.jpg.9156eb033848216b812ba9e01389701a.jpg


As we were walking around we were by my job at one point.. took a pic of the infamous alley way I smoked in after work before heading right next door to Rudy's bar.. both my hotel and Rudy's are still closed.. super sadboi moment for me..



My girl was suppose to have a girls night with her mom and sister later that night.. I said cool I'll stay home cause this house is kinda dirty and she ain't gonna clean it and more importantly I need some alone time since I've been stuck with you the past 3 days already.. but as she left her sister had her 3way call me and yelled n begged me to come since her bf was coming and they were looking forward to seeing me.. 🙄 fine.. so since they asked for my presence I brought the last of my buffalo trace.. bought it at my job a while ago it's a select barrel so you could only get it there.. we played their rendition of "drunk jenga" which is basically jenga but with circle of death rules with the colored blocks and some other card games.. shrimp cocktails modelo and whiskey all night.. even tho I'm the one who basically drank the rest of the bottle..IMG_20201030_191825.thumb.jpg.a6b9c33cde78165c78dbe2645ee97f57.jpgIMG_20201030_191847.thumb.jpg.3d1a5cb888e6c33966551b50efcff839.jpgIMG_20201030_205943.thumb.jpg.bdba577fd6081f198eeb368ed322789c.jpg20201030_112944_0.thumb.jpg.cc0f70060a73a534d4d7821e56cc0fce.jpg


also I didn't do anything for Halloween.. apparently my stomach didn't like the combination of cocktail sauce and booze.. you know how when you shake up a bottle of coke and open it then it explodes and sprays all over the place? That was my ass... So yeah.. that was my halloween...

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