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The "Your Day in Pies" Photothread (non artistic)


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A weekend of pies 

got all 916 clones potted up 71B54410-9292-48BF-AFE2-AA39D1668F9F.thumb.jpeg.8dbb2ff31b032e44ba9eaeadf06d9151.jpeg

someone is putting together our dry racks 


sit by the river later than usual. chatting with a friend about life 

this is Main st.  Friday night.  At 9:30 I live on

this street. 



my day off.  I felt like I did absolutely nothing but lay  around but I went for a mornin stroll. It was too perfect out not too.


i want in on one of these gardens round the way 


I knew it was gonna be warm today so I did really just want to lounge around. 
I did. I lounged


oh and I bought a few new plants. 

and drew a template of the racks so we can use as a map of the clone’s locations. 



philly cheese pie. This one has been the best yet.  


Then went for a sunset walk 





back to work this morn 


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long weekend

 breakfast complete with typos galore in the menu. how the fuck dont people check it? If the graphic designer didn't see it come up in indesign he must have been pretty useless.





Corellas by the bucketloads



fucking heaps of them

checked out renovations




 walking the local MTB tracks ( but not this one)







 made some friends







 found another painted rock




rubbish bonfire even with the addition of a gallon of paint thinners it didn't really take off







4:11am 37 degrees.



heard a squeak in kitchen so set a trap and 1hour later




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On 5/9/2020 at 2:55 PM, SMdoubleXL said:


clones (those roots are only a week old) 


remember these clones-in 35 days we put them into flower mode. E423403C-7FC7-48C0-A954-D94737B4B5CD.thumb.jpeg.c1473ee639607133c8206ed1856a0f48.jpeg







freaky fans 





we start harvesting on Monday. 2 weeks earlier than originally planned. 



Bottle sized right now 



we go through a lot of gloves. But I ride each glove out as long as I can 


all the white on the sleeve is sticky icky 

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6 hours ago, SMdoubleXL said:

Someone filed an official complaint with the city today regarding the odor coming from our facility   Eh. 


our main corridor was cookin today.
5F161F64-74FB-4482-94C0-6A25245D0725.thumb.jpeg.77abad90bea86084ed34dcacfa87c640.jpeg  We all stayed busy in a room of 80degree 60% rh 





IMG_9411.MOV 45.69 MB · 3 downloads

hey just curious what's the deal with your work?

It's a commercial growhouse?

I can't imagine it's clandestine because you wouldn't put the pics on here ( Hopefully)

But is it to supply smoke shops or medicinal cannabis or  what.


It seems super professional to me.I do recall reading sowmeher the canada's program meant a load of growers saw their prices fall and fall and fall.


If you can't talk about  that's cool it just seems like a interesting job.


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two hours later still editable
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5 hours ago, Schnitzel said:

hey just curious what's the deal with your work?

It's a commercial growhouse?

I can't imagine it's clandestine because you wouldn't put the pics on here ( Hopefully)

But is it to supply smoke shops or medicinal cannabis or  what.


It seems super professional to me.I do recall reading sowmeher the canada's program meant a load of growers saw their prices fall and fall and fall.


If you can't talk about  that's cool it just seems like a interesting job.


It is a commercial grow and this is our first run of the business. We are in a state that is only legal medically and the whole state is at high demand once flower became legal. 
our employer tells us to be proud of what we do. They fought long and hard to get where were at. We’re legal. We’re quality. We’re building. 
They do know I take loads of pics and there are things I cannot post. Our name. Certain numbers, areas, formulas, (you get it). They said he wants to keep his prices and product at price points where everyone type of price scale will be able to have quality and also doesn’t wanna wipe out the black market 
we will supply our own dispensary as well as others. its incredibly professional and under the state’s watchful eye because we are pioneering here. We’re writing to the books on this facility. All of our input and work will be immortalized in this building and books  And I love it.  I’m the fifth staff hire and no one else has been hired since. 
 We have an seed collection that is massive and our tissue culture lab is where the magic happens. We are growing on every level (literally and physically) With a small small team (we get new hires starting next week.  

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wife stayed home sick today


about 10 years back my sister gave me some bootleg Subway art shorts she'd bought in Bali.  

I didn't like them at the time so gave them away but my mate loved them and wears them day in day out much to my jealousy



new roadside piece went up last weekend gotta be quick on the pics



at some point during the morning both Wife and I realised today is our 5th wedding anniversary

But she was took sick to go too far and she only wanted Cold vietnamese ricepaper rolls

got waitress to take a snap



can confirm Adelaide Banh Mi best I've tasted outside of vietnam.



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