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The "Your Day in Pies" Photothread (non artistic)

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New plant that is already dying I’ll try not to kill.   Breakfast game is always strong and hella greasy strangler.   Snow in April. Ridiculous New England. (Also later

3/27/2020     5:04 am  Wake up, use flash like I don't know how technology works alerting a lakeside neighborhood there's a fool close by          

Going to try this on mobile....   Photos from a recent trip to CDMX, with bonus pix from Cancun & Tulum:   One of the oldest & most famous cantinas in Mexico:   

Posted Images

potting up the clones 

I guess we jump in into the next one? I really don’t know the game plan. 



dome  stacking skills 

Snacks from a vendor. 

strawberries came. 

then pizza 


now I would never ever. Ever ever ever thought that any type of anything that resembles a salad  is fantastic on pizza -but I could ate the whole damn pizza. 


it’s the white pie 


and that cheese pie is phenomenal. 
flowers were delivered 



time for a walk before the storm 

the train just passed so I took this trail 




veiw of my kick it spot. Usually post ‘current view’ from there. 


 Also realized I drank a lot of water today 



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12 strains 


Apple Juice X Sundae Driver 


Chem D X Birthday Cake 

GMO XA Grape Pie 

Garlic Grove #25
Gelato 33 X Birthday cake 

Jet Fuel Gelato 

Orange Açaí 

Rootbeer Float X Sundae driver 

Sunset Sherbert X Sundae Driver 

Tk 91 X Birthday Cake 

Wedding Cake X Birthday Cake 




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So I moved over the last few days   

not like a traditional way of moving 



5 trips  like this. Getting everything from point A-B

i thought about some other ways but it’s seriously 10  blocks (small Pittsburgh blocks) away. And I had nothing at all else to do and why not push myself a bit more than usual. 
saw a newer model ‘vette 






these good boys just stayed on their yard as I passed.  One barked. Nothing else. 


After that was done. I went shopping for whatever else I needed. 
saw this across from target 





saw this hell the fuck no at target 




That’s  pretty much 80% of my belongings 


I sent my friend her in Pittsburgh the painting I did for her and I figured I should just mail it-it would get to her quicker 

so she sent this. 
her guy does watercolor and she makes the water color out of flowers and such 




Some parts were missin with the futon 


so the guy said he’s drop me off on his way home from work. And he did. He said he just kinda looked around the warehouse for some extras and pieced em together.


Turns out -I didn’t need those parts because the pieces That are missing were for holes that aren’t there. :shrug:

went for  a walk 


don’t believe the hype-that's a Fanny pack 


One thing I was looking forward to was cooking.  
this kinda bath 



And layin lookin at this kinda view 


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23 minutes ago, SMdoubleXL said:

by the way he is scurrying, bet he’s hurrying home to take a shit 

I love how he got caught in motion, it's looks to me like the cartoonish way they show bears moving where the feet do all the motion all close together but the legs stay stiff/motionless.  Anyhow I was hyped as usual, good start to the morning.

Also, as I've learned, bears shit where they want lol.

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On 5/30/2020 at 12:40 PM, SMdoubleXL said:

12 strains 


Apple Juice X Sundae Driver 


Chem D X Birthday Cake 

GMO XA Grape Pie 

Garlic Grove #25
Gelato 33 X Birthday cake 

Jet Fuel Gelato 

Orange Açaí 

Rootbeer Float X Sundae driver 

Sunset Sherbert X Sundae Driver 

Tk 91 X Birthday Cake 

Wedding Cake X Birthday Cake 




I'll take a couple of plates of each. lol.

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puppy got into my room and pissed on a big pile of clothes so everything got washed.

 I have quite the arsenal of OOntz gear



saw this on eBay is the is old 12 ox catalogue?



wise words from a local writer



bad moon rising






Edited by Schnitzel
chicken john
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