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The "Your Day in Pies" Photothread (non artistic)


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Was back at these again.  Unashamed.  Interesting thing, few hours after wings things become fartastical, blowin in the wind like Bob Dylan.  Was in the market w/ my girl when some of that kicked in, so I would walk up to her, cloud the aisle, then walk away leaving her w/ the option to leave too or face possible blame as others approached.

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First task of the day-check on babies 


move babies into their new room.  FB2CCD62-DB95-43EB-9C33-2522E793E8DE.thumb.jpeg.aa8c7db8fbfc9af27c38cdbe62352d77.jpeg
assemble irrigation lines 


lay task of the day is working on quarantined plants. They Needed spot watered. Must check Ph first 

homework: commit this to memory 6F2F4949-2205-45C6-BA31-1AC6268450D7.thumb.png.6ba213ce22e69d990544280fc22a6993.png

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 so apart from travel thread where I posted a few pics

 it's been this

sunday afternoon caught this guy raiding my coronavirus stash




Monday caught another one but the trap took his head off and my son got all freaked out


this morning caught ratón número tres. 3 kills for a tiny piece of peanut butter.


think the pst control guy might need a call.


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Went For a walk  the other direction from my temp residence 


purple Crocus let’s us know spring is very near. But I’ve  ever seen a White nor orange one before 3BFE498B-0AF4-45F8-A8E6-CD15F2461A01.thumb.jpeg.716a58405944feeffe79225e3fd2aab7.jpegCCCD112C-8493-4796-910D-8C8589930B68.thumb.jpeg.34babe039149ef968c2db1a24899e322.jpeg42083716-B9C2-40D2-8ACB-6A35FE80BBD1.thumb.jpeg.87f18b28cc040e9e806e09c409cf1955.jpeg


im trying to get to this ginormous piece of machinery I see the top of on the other side of the tracks. Had to walk along to river to access the other side 


butthole tree 


did someone sprinkle someone’s fucking ashes here? 664805C8-23DB-4B06-973B-20BCF4DA598B.thumb.jpeg.0e06538880176cac4e9744a1034648e3.jpeg
then take a nap? DBFB611C-E0AC-45F3-ACAB-9E4C31B669F8.thumb.jpeg.be353d1e9f931708bf12fced46a0d3f1.jpeg42B9581E-0C44-425B-B2D6-C3D648945B82.thumb.jpeg.c7cfbe15aad1bc82dbb25abacacdfbed.jpegE2182DC3-5E17-4944-8207-3D0A2DA3E911.thumb.jpeg.c7415f104fcf368398dd242dbbf11f46.jpeg
found the way up to this thing. I have no idea what it is but I can take a few guesses. 15566DD3-0DDF-4397-9319-532832BDEA20.thumb.jpeg.551f66b938234750f1c5ea6698929e95.jpeg




this line is across the street (behind some businesses) so I can’t get a clear shot unless I go down the other way   I can feel it as it passes and it sounds amazing 


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quality Junkmail

anti abortion pamphlets in this day and age?




forgot about the whole isolate as much as possible thing and went to the bookshop up the hill






they wrote books about M.A.S.H?

and they wrote more than one???






for Dhbz


realised that a cramped bookshop packed with oldies is not a great place to be in times like these.

Also  realised I had about 5 minutes till that train reached another potential benching spot so I went and checked it out! Almost perfect for early afternoon sun.







 beehive in a tree next to my house




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left out commentary
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