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The "Your Day in Pies" Photothread (non artistic)

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New plant that is already dying I’ll try not to kill.   Breakfast game is always strong and hella greasy strangler.   Snow in April. Ridiculous New England. (Also later

Went up north to wrigleyville/boystown with my girl to check out this "thc" coffee shop.. it's Delta 8 thc so it doesn't get you baked or anything but I mentioned it the other day and she actually rem

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fuckinell   what's happeend to the got drunk/ spewed in gutter side of days in pies? Perveract shots etc.?

Somebody out there must still be keeping it oontz - sure isn't me.


mr tickle looking like a mafia hit victim. 



 freights and shit


 double stack - dont see on my side of town due to one tunnel in the hills.



painfully often occurance for me.



Outside of peak hoiur my train line is really lame and only runs these 1 carriage trains



Indian pacific train runs coast to coast  but costs about 10 times the airfare so is only used by old retirees it only lay up there in service and is unhittable sadly.

 you dont want people paying minimujm $6000 for three days riding vandalised trains.





lift was rammo on way in.



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I’m keeping up that end, I got told to pull things back last week after drunk posting every Friday night on the corporate twitter account, for like 4 fucking months. Pussy academics had a whinge. 


Anyway, some progress shots of my keezer lid in the making. 











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Plan is to use brush to do the bulk color and poscas to do outline and detail, leaving the negative space raw wood, to be clear gloss lacquered. Poscas bleed on pine, though. 


So so what you can see above is the concept and the sealer/undercoat, prepping for colour. Never done anything like this before, so a bit of trial and error. 


But, weekend nights chilling in the workshop with home brewed IPA, greatful dead and the brushes has been one of those golden moments that Will smooth out the rough days for a good while. 

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