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The "Your Day in Pies" Photothread (non artistic)

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Ok, so I woke up and sat in a cube until 5pm. I did not take pics of this because its not interesting at all.


After that I got home I drank cheap beer in a nice glass.



I gangstergrilled outside - yes it was like zero degrees out /nokidding.




My Dog watched.



Popo were watching.



I went to sleep.

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Dawood, those pics of your daughter rocking the b-boy stance are absolutely priceless. Obviously the result of very good parenting.


Haha, thanks for the day at the zoo.


thanks , man wait till I show you the pics of her doing a windmill.

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well, when they're adults and living on their own they can convert to Marvin the martian's space gun religion but while they're in my house they'll be muslims. If you're asking will we be taking trips to the synagogues, churches and temples of our area, then no, we won't be doing that. I believe in Islam, so I teach them Islam, but they have their own minds and honestly I don't want them to be muslim just because my wife and I are. It's much better for them and they'll be stronger in their beliefs if they have their own experiences that lead them to Islam instead of just being nominal muslims that practice wishy washy only when people are looking. For now. I teach them that Islam is the right way of life because I believe that. Other than that, they do most things everybodys kid does all the while keeping it hood.


Thats solid man. I'm not sure if my questioning came across as loaded but it definitely was not. I personally am not and never was religious but I'm glad to see you doing your positive thing. Just keep your little people away from the tiger pit...haha

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that comment was un-appropriate. Trust me if she was covering like that for me she would have taken it off a long time ago. She does it for religious and modesty reasons not cause I got it on lock.
just clowining around man, sheesh. why your wife goes in public looking like ninja gaiden is her business, i dont really give a shit. ;)
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