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The "Your Day in Pies" Photothread (non artistic)


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Visited the lady for the extended weekend. She has 3 weeks left before she comes home.


We rode bikes.




Got Vicky and her Vibe...



and Day in the Lyfe Winter 2009. BF crew page.



Looked at rap letters.



RIP Crude Oil.



and Sacer IRAK. Tribute piece by TOPR dissed. Had a decent run at the free wall.



Ate cafeteria food...



and looked at million dollar mansions.



Went for a hike and found a body.



Kept junglin'.



Made it to the river, put the blanket down and laid up.





This bitch loves to tickle me because I am super ticklish. She is not. Being an older brother, I countered with the only move I had... MEGA WEDGIE!



Then I got 'the call.' Im not longer needed at my main job. Happy fucking holidays.

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Good page so far.


Some meals from the passed few days and a subway themed post for today.




This was killer!




From the new office.




The famos Orange Julep.

They use to serve you in roller blades, i dont know if they still do in the summer.

This place have been there for a long time.

Lots of car people have meetings there on specific days of the week according to what kind of cars you are in to.

They are famous for the mikl/orange juice beverage and also for the many sketchy things that happen in that parking lot.

The juice is nasty, i never fuck with it.







Sweet bike




I love the subway. Most people who take it are either young, broke, really old or extremely immigrant so it makes for good people watching.

Its also full of old tags and weird art from when they built it.












Didn't know which one to post so i posted both.

This guy was really nice but he smelled like shit.




Quick spliff before the movies.

Law abiding citizen was pretty entertaining.




Digging the SIMON tag.




The story of our metro system right there.

Half the time half of these escalators work.




Always found it cool that you can see the people from the next station.




Took this last minute shot before gettin in the subway, this LOES tag has been running for way more than 5 years.








Piece of subway floor, the station the bum was chilling at.





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oh cassy...


Cassy is my ex's little sister.

Funny thing is that today i spoke to my ex for the first time in 4 years.

The bitch stole all my flicks from back in those days we where dating.

Iv been chasing her for months trying to get them back, i finally got through to her.


/yes coolstoriebro!

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New yorkers are crazy with the whole plastic cube that comes with your super overpriced buddah.

First time i got that i found it to be kind of retarded, takes so much space, not really practical for who ever has to slang it.

For some reason it really fascinated me and i thought about it deeper and came to a conclusion.

When you pay so much for so little you want it to be well packaged in a solid container that won't let the buds get crushed.

Maybe im wrong and its just all for marketing.

But i must say, some of the best weed i smoked in my life was from NYC still.


End of random stoned rant!

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hahahaha! i only get a container like that from one of my dudes, still, count is small, trees are great, and you get a box to stuff your sorrys into. shit is stupid in ny. lovely, but stupid. a delivery eats up the extra 15 bucks you wouldnt spend anyway. regardless, ghostbusters is the best movie ever. challenge me. i dareth thee.

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kind of a boring day at work but played out pretty funny due to a new program i am trying out at work.


only sustenance until noon. not really from starbucks but the lovely little vietnamese siem at my job building. she is wonderful. and skips people ahead of me in line :)



"training" for new program has begun. mr raincloud is disappointed. 1 hour to teach me to press F3 after i open all the applications i use in my normal work.......



testing said program. logging issues. whoops.





i have been trying to capture this douchey IT guy ever since he abandoned the fauxhawk for the full on do...

i'm getting really good at the starkerish sneak shots.



not going so well.



i don't know what the fuck these things are but this is the first year they have fallen out of a tree out front of my house in the whole 10 years i've lived here. they smell like rotten ass when they get stepped on. which you cannot avoid.



leaves look like this. someone told me once its not a very common tree. i don't remember what they called it.





delicious monster hamburger helper tacos!! cheesy enchilada is the shit


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