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NYC Subways - the good stuff-Best thread on 12 oz!

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Pic and video stolen from elsewhere. WhatsApp Video 2019-07-02 at 09.49.01.mp4

2020 NYC wholetrain.  ABS at it again. A6JbWCYlaxtkOg5s.mp4

Few different trains from the early 70's that RIFF 170 did.  RIFF 170 as CASH 2   RIFF 170 muscle car with his AS 2 piece to the left    A young RIFF 170 inf

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from @149st


IZ THE WIZ All time all-city king


Aliases: IZZY, CI (CRAZY IZ), IKE 327, CLICK

Started: 1972 Primary affiliations: TMB, POG, TOP, 3YB, TC Local origin: Queens, NY

Main lines: ALL CITY


IZ THE WIZ is without question one of New York City's most prolific writers. IN aka KILL 3 is credited with the most extensive all-city bomb in NYC during 1975 and 76, but IZ was the longest reigning all-city king in NYC history, taking the title many times throughout the 1970s and 1980s.


IZ was well known for his throw-ups in the mid 1970s on the IND and BMT subway divisions. In the late 1970s he broadened his focus by working on top-to-bottoms, burners and scenery whole cars on the presteigious 2 and 5 lines of the IRT subway division. During this period he silmultaneously maintained all-city throw-up king status.


He painted for a variety of top level crews. He has served as president of The Master Blasters and the Queens division of Prisoners Of Graffiti. He has also painted for The Odd Partners, The Crew, The Three Yard Boys and others too numerous to mention. IZ appeared in the documentary film Style Wars and portrayed a transit police detective in the film Wild Style. His work has been displayed in museums and gallerys throughout the world. His most recent exhibition was at the Queens Museum of Art in June 2001.






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Here is the link to a London newspaper running a story on him...




They are going to be running a story in he NY times in the next few days, they called me today getting info and photos to write the story. They are supposed to give me a heads up as to when it will be dropping so when I find out I'll post it up...

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