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Team Sleep Problems Official Thread.

Prime Chaos

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Looks like these sleep problems are coming back around.. 2:27am over here and I can't sleep.. lots of thoughts in my head ranging from future purchases, music Im working on, work and the following weeks coming up.. Also how funny it was when two people asked me for a cigarette earlier while waiting for the bus and I responded "it's not a square it's CBD" they both immediately said "naaaw man it's cool.." one dude said he doesn't smoke weed and he didn't get it when I explained what CBD was.. cool for me tho cause I don't gotta bum one out to people all the time now..


currently watching nerd shit on youtube right now.. what's the word out there..?

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I rolled up a blunt called summer Twist at the airport (current) and I didn't like it. This stupid mask is making my breath smell 10 times worse and my plans to sleep on the plane are ruined.

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Is summer twist the name of the strain or the blunt itself? Sounds like a blunt wrap flavor to me.. are blunt wraps still a thing or is everyone really riding this backwoods and natural leaf wave still?


I've forced myself how to roll joints during the whole covid shit and got pretty good now.. bought like 3 packs of raws with the lil tips and was like well if I wanna roll I gotta use these now..

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It's the wrap, rocking Mango Kush, figured everything would go well.


I use a kit to wrap joints. Hemp is too thin for me, always break them in the process.



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