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Team Sleep Problems Official Thread.

Prime Chaos

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ASMR gives me the ability to have lucid dreams but end up creating scenes where I end up doing dishes or some sort of chore. 


There is a breathing/light exercise I want to try out though.  A blue light flashes in the ceiling signifying when to breath in and out and while doing so, you must convince yourself that you're not falling asleep and end up in your very own personal lucid dream.  In 20 minutes or less this can happen, so they say. 

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On 6/15/2014 at 3:24 AM, heather lewis said:



yeah melatonin helps, but doesn't give you solid sleep. it messes with the cycle.

Melatonin knocks me out but for ever hour I get to sleep right away, I lose off the tail end so it’s a break even type situation. 


Dumb as it sounds, having my watch reminding me to breath and to stand up occasionally has been pretty good. 

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So here is my schedule.


I work the night shift from Sunday night to Thursday Night.


I babysit Monday through Friday.


So, I work at night, get off around 2am, "Try" to take a nap before 7am, than babysit till 3pm.


My job starts vary from 7pm to midnight.


Fridays are gone due to sleep.


Saturdays is the ONE day of the week where I have to choose between chores or be part of an event (birthdays, parties, etc)


Sundays, my job starts vary from 12pm to midnight.


So, you got an hour sleep ? Good for you.



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really high playing with this new plugin i just downloaded.. pretty cool for what it is..

also thinking about this girl that came in tonight that gave me her number a while ago and i totally didnt remember her until she left already.. fuckin facepalm.. 🤦🏽‍♂️

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I'll play your silly little game, but I've been taking benadryl and GABA to knock me out at a reasonable time. I'm sure I'll be in this thread a lot. 
Woke up at 4:30 (for no reason) this morning  and worked on my follow focus on my gimbal. Fun times. 

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