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Team Sleep Problems Official Thread.

Prime Chaos

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exactly. I used to do this shit all the time (minus all the back flips), but back then it didn't have a fancy name.


and you know its played out when its in a Madonna video.....



good lord... i honestly would have rather been rickrolled..



i wish i could have been on the set when they filmed this video so i could have slapped everyone involved with the production..



madonna is hot in this one .. so i woulda used baby powder before i backhanded her ass

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How does self reference figure into aspects of analytic philosophy that are pertinent to the issues of Semantic Web research? Further, can we narrow down how we might look to speak of self reference within analytic philosophy by virtue of how ontologies are constructed using the Semantic Web? Yes. Because the reasoning programs of the Semantic Web use formal languages akin to set theory and first order logic, we may look to writers and topics that speak about self reference in relation to extensions of the formal languages used in the Semantic Web.


The rest of this section will proceed as follows: I will look at how Ludwig Wittgenstein discusses the use of the word “I” in regular conversation and how this relates to what he says about the use of the word “all” in mathematical language. Next I will examine ideas of self reference as they apply to creating a computational perspective on syntactic semantics. Lastly I will consider perspectives on Gödel’s Theorem and how it relates to self reference and framing how we understand our own knowledge. Ultimately this will provide a strong base to speak about Semantic Web technologies and in what ways we should focus research on such through analysis of our own cognition from analytic philosophy.

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^move to Aus...........sunny hot weather is what we do best.


on the thesis................its interesting. I am struggling a bit to understand it all, mainly because I don't know anything about analytic philosophy and semantic web research.

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Guest spectr
dude that sounds like just what i need. problem is, i cant leave massachusetts until the end of the summer. it'll be here before i know it though.



this is a better festival is some ways... not as good in other ways.. But it is right around harvest season in the emerald triangle...... so yeah its always a nice festival.. and it is on wavy gravys hog farm... so you know its going to be a fun time...

for those of you who don't know who wavy gravy is check this link out..





That is one thing I do not enjoy about it.



I also despise the cold. And not seeing the sun for what feels like months at a time.



So this ain't the best place for me. Thank god I am graduating soon though and can leave this abysmal hell hole of muck and snow.


man.. don't be talking shit on mass... well actually... where are you in mass? if you are in fall river or some shit feel free.. but if you are in boston you are tripping..

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Guest spectr

fuck i should have gone out tonight.. hung out with this girl, instead I am sitting here watching doomsday and it seems to be as shitty a movie as I thought it was going to be..

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Guest spectr

so I just want to say that the doomsday movie that just came out has to be the worst fucking movie I have seen in a long time.

This movie is a fucking steaming pile of shit...

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