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Slow times on the oz.




Always at four to seven in the mornin.







Cmon people, feed my insomnia.























This is what I got when I google imaged "megafuture deluxe"



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Whois Record



Scorching Sands, Inc.

PO BOX 21711

Ft. Lauderdale, Florida 33335

United States


Registered through: GoDaddy.com, Inc. (http://www.godaddy.com)


Created on: 26-Jul-04

Expires on: 26-Jul-08

Last Updated on: 21-Aug-07


Administrative Contact:

Domain Administrator, Scorching Sands Inc

Scorching Sands, Inc.

PO BOX 21711

Ft. Lauderdale, Florida 33335

United States

3054673804 Fax --

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that is an interesting diagram.



I like that one.



I thought it was funny that the schematic my query produced was a modem.

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So what should the name of the blog I am starting about the future be called?



Do I stick with the megafuture deluxe moniker?

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Genetic Engineering:

Eventually, genetic engineering will allow us to create the perfect human. It will be hard to get used to. Parents will order a baby who will grow up to do a slam dunk or to have a Barbie doll appearance. But after the 2082 winter Olympics, some babies will be created aerodynamic, so they can sail like ski jumpers. Soon, powerful little motors will be added so they can fly, and a new fad will really take off. Billions of slam dunkers will jump for joy, while billions of Barbie dollers will become totally depressed.




Also, genetic engineering will allow us to mix plants and animals. So, should we allow a female researcher to cross a man with a tree? She would then have something much more stable and dependable, and he wouldn't run around as much. But who would want to be a tree? If that was allowed, then what would the male researchers come up with?




Two Predictions For 2010 !


(1) Adapting To Global Warming By Building a Huge Resort On the Arctic Ocean:


They will soon fast track a new resort at Tuktoyaktuk, on the Arctic Ocean. It will be extremely popular, mainly because it will be the only beach resort left where people can enjoy a nice cool swim. A six lane highway will be built so people from across North America can easily access the resort with their SUV's and Winnebagos.



By 2010 parts of the southern States will be abandoned due to the heat and the extreme weather. So, the parts of Los Vegas that can be moved will be moved to Tuktoyaktuk, along with a bunch of shopping malls, and a second hand coliseum.


Immediately next to the beach will be a huge iceberg, made out of non-glare white plastic. Penguins and pandas, by popular demand, will be placed on the top; and elephants and giraffes will be imported to run around on a platform at the base of the iceberg. Unfortunately the plastic, of course, will soon damage the feet of the animals, so they will all have to be outfitted with pink booties. So, as all the animals proudly prance around in their booties, all the Americans will agree that, although Tuktoyaktuk isn't a Disneyland or a Los Vegas, it certainly is a nice cool place.


(2) The Southern United States Will Adapt to Extreme Climate Change:


In 2010, most of the people in the southern United States will escape the fires, heat, hurricanes, tornados, snow, and flooding by heading north to the Arctic Ocean where they will settle in the resort city of Tuktoyaktuk. This location not only has a cool ocean to swim in, but at the end of the beach there are two real trees to enjoy. Those trees will look strong and healthy, because they will be nourished and protected by a team of 140 dedicated workers, 24 hours a day.



In late June, tourists in Tuktoyaktuk will love to suntan for 20 hours a day in real sunshine (which will be mostly smog free, as long as the wind blows from the north). In the winter, Tuktoyaktuk will be even busier. It will attract people from around the globe who want to adapt to global warming by escaping.


The escape will last all night long; and in Tuktoyaktuk in December, that means the party goes on for 24 hours. At the end of the night, as the party comes to an end, everyone will have a chance to pause and relax, momentarily, then they can plunge into the next night's party. This is why they will need a coliseum, to be used as a drunk tank. Tuktoyaktuk will be the most popular resort on the planet.



Mother Nature Will Speak To You In The Very Near Future:

I was tempted to make a serious statement here about climate change, but have realized that it is far more effective to just let the weather speak for me. Mother nature is now speaking to the world with such consistency and force that almost everyone is getting the message.







The Dead Can Live Again:


About 50 years from now, it will be possible to use virtual reality to bring the dead back to life. People will drag out their old and boring home movies and choose a relative to bring back to life. The visual will be combined with records about that person to create a virtual relative.



Then the family can have a chat with that relative, keep it running, and live with it. The experience will be like living with a ghost.


People who died long ago will be resurrected so they can take on new roles. In 2030 the great people of the 20th Century will be brought back alive virtually and be presented on television.



The world will look on in awe as they watch the famous interact at a party. They will watch Richard Nixon make out with Margaret Thatcher, the Three Stooges try to pick a fight with Hulk Hogan, Elvis (the king) Presley trying to impress Queen Elizabeth, and Albert Einstein exploring reality with Marilyn Monroe.




Permanent People:

Over the next 20 to 50 years, it will become harder to tell the difference between the human and the machine. All body parts will be replaceable. A computer will function like the human brain with the ability to recognize feelings and respond in a feeling way. They can then produce fake people.





We will then be able to create a machine duplicate of ourselves so we will appear to be alive long after we are dead. Maybe a few decades later, a way will be found to transfer our spirit (including our memories and thoughts) to the new body. Then we can choose to live for as long as we want.





It might be expensive. Maybe it will cost you an arm and a leg.

[Note: here's another change. We will have to change the language we use. By then, arms and legs will be a dime a dozen.] [Note: by then, dimes will probably be obsolete, and we won't have any idea what the word dozen means.]




Duplicated People (maybe by 2070):


Once one of you is duplicated, you will just have to press control "D" and you will have two of you, unless you have placed yourself on a clipboard, then press control "V". If you want 500, select 500.


Naturally, when duplicates are running around all over the place, there will be a food problem. Modifications will have to be made with how you eat. Your duplicates will have to combine vitamins with something we have in abundance.



The most practical choice would be garbage. Your modified duplicate will be designed to eat garbage like a goat. But don't worry, your taste buds and sense of smell will be modified so you will really enjoy it. You will want to eat lots of garbage.


When it becomes possible to do a spirit transfer, they will figure out how to do them automatically. So you will be able to reside within whichever duplicate you want, whenever you want and as long as you want.


Skip the duplicate that is in the middle of doing a jigsaw puzzle and choose one that is just completing one. After enjoying putting in the last few pieces, switch to another duplicate that is eating garbage, then to the one that is playing in a raging rock concert, then to the one that is scoring the winning goal. You will be so busy enjoying so many things that it could drive you crazy. When it is predicted that things will be better in the future, it doesn't necessarily mean that things will be easier.






Sample of a Super Sidewalk:






This thing above is not the information SUPER HIGHWAY, it's a Super Sidewalk, an illustration of a moving sidewalk. You can start by stepping onto the top sidewalk and when you want to move faster, step into the faster lane. On your way back you will be experienced, so take the speedy lane.


[Yes, they already have these today, but today's moving walkways are not

as exciting and colorful as the one above.]




From Couch Potatoes to Blobs:


After television became popular we soon had the couch potato. In recent decades advertising has helped us develop a preference to "biggie" our fast food and to "family size" everything. We have gradually refined our appreciation for the growing selection of junk food.



Our preferred activity has become sitting: sitting in front of the TV or computer. It is not surprising that obesity has become a national problem.



As we spend more time sitting, forget what our real needs are, and so lose control of our lives many of us will become not much more than a blob.

[some food for thought is offered below, near the bottom of this page. Suggestions offered are inline skating, river raft races, dancing, skiing, tobogganing, snow boarding, and modified team sports.]



Using Nanobots:

Miniature nanobots will be built to travel through your blood stream and repair damage. Also, larger nanobots will be used when you are sick. When you have an upset stomach, you will swallow a very small cherry tasting robot which will travel through your stomach taking video of the mess.


It will be set up like a video game, so you can control the exploring and the selection of images. Then you can replay the video to help a doctor diagnose your problem, or to prove to your employer that you really were sick.




Oct. 25/06:

At an Edmonton hospital, the Royal Alex, a blinking wireless pill is currently being used to take photographs of the inside of a patient. After fasting overnight, the patient swallows the capsule which then travels through the body taking 2 pictures per second. The data is transmitted to a recorder that the patient wears with a harness. The tiny camera takes about 57,000 images which pick up subtle changes in the small bowel: inflammations, blood vessels, and abnormalities. The one time use pill which now costs about $1,000 is expelled 8 to 72 hours later.

[source: Carrie McFadzean, Edmonton

Examiner, Oct. 25/06]





Comparing the Computer to The Human:


As computers have advanced, they have helped us remember, calculate, organize, and clarify. So it has become easier to deal with things, and much quicker. At this point in time, some would claim that the computer has become about as smart as George Bush.


However, keep in mind that today's computer can find and change a mistake in less than a millisecond. With George Bush, it might take about 8 years.



In time, more advanced computers will be able to be creative, respond to feelings in a feeling way, develop intuition, recognize patterns, and suggest innovative alternatives. When this happens, trying to compare them with George Bush would be a total waste of time.




Shaping Who We Are:

When we are in need of opinions, television comes to our aid by feeding us with impressive attack ads, appealing PR ads, and sometimes repulsive propaganda. Even when we agree with what we view, it is vital that we become harshly critical of those who attempt to manipulate us into following their agenda. We need the freedom to gather information and evaluate issues on our own, so we can make logical decisions about what is best for us.


Our system has controlled our way of life, and will continue to control it for decades to come. The advertising and marketing strategies in our profit driven system has a big impact on what we want in life, what we tolerate, and what we value. It has had an impact on the desire of people to smoke, to become overweight, to use prescription drugs excessively, to accept an unhealthy lifestyle, and to believe we must be buying wonderful things in order to enjoy life. In addition, television ads pick on the vulnerable. They manipulate children, control the types of toys they want, and make them want breakfast cereal that isn't much better than candy.




So, instead of getting what we want, our society winds up with the way of life that our system has created for us. But most people are willing to accept a garbage lifestyle, because that's what they're used to, that's what their friends do, and that is what advertising messages subtly pressure everyone to do. Our current system has major flaws, but it has proven to be better than other systems. So as we try to work within the system, we face our own limitations. It is not easy to take the situation seriously, face the negative information, decide what needs to be done, and then do something about it. [Maybe this file can succeed in helping you with your first step.]




World War lll (?):


During the 1900's people looked back at the Industrial Revolution and saw the horrors of child labor, children working in mines and factories. By 2010 people will finally wake up to the horrors of the late 1900's. They will see that some people got away with mass murder (statistically speaking); and the best example given will be the cigarette companies.



The cigarette companies invaded our lives with seductive advertising. They deliberately added poison to the cigarettes, and then didn't tell anyone. Then they added labels like mild and light, to fool people into believing they are getting less poison. Statistically, hundreds of thousands of smokers died. Around the world, millions of years of life have been lost. History might record that we unknowingly fought World War lll against the cigarette companies.



Responding to the Problems of Today and the Future:


As our environment deteriorates, how much are we willing to risk? Do we want to risk the future of the planet? Common sense says we won't go that far. But, in some cases, common sense is not in control. Some of the people who are in control are also risk takers, focused on competing more successfully, making more profit, or maintaining vested interests.


Some industries will find major changes difficult and costly, so they will be eager to pore money into the political party that promises to take minimal action on climate change. So, the political party that promotes major environmental changes by the year 2050, probably has a flawed plan. In exchange for a plan that protects their favorite industry, a political party will discover they have lots of money to buy slick PR ads and damaging attack ads. So for the sake of the planet and our survival, we must reject the advertising, then search out an informed and factual understanding of the issues.



In addition, it is important for our future that we broaden our concerns. (As we now look at more negative, we need to use detached awareness, so the negative nature of the negative doesn't become our greatest problem.) We need to be aware of the toxic chemicals in our indoor environments, and the chemicals we feed our bodies. Many of us also live in a culture of violence, feeding our minds with garbage: with movies, television programs, and computer games that make every part of our being know that shooting and violence is fun and exciting (and therefore, it becomes a more acceptable way of behaving). For many, it is their first impulse. While they might talk of avoiding violence, deep inside they feel like it's the best way to solve problems, the only way that will get real results.



It is easy to respond to all the negative information with denial, or by simply being critical of the system.

But, there is hope for those of us who have the ability to turn awareness into action. We can select Internet information wisely, choose healthy computer games, limit our exposure to television commercials, select television programs carefully, keep active, get outside, take a walk, ride a bike, plan to make a major sacrifice the next time we buy a car, make environmentally friendly choices, eat healthy, shop wisely [every purchase is like a vote for more of that type of item], and help build a healthier society by shopping at better stores that sell better food.

[After writing this, it impressed me so much that I was off to the local Organic food store to buy some healthy junk food. So, I bought a "Cosmic Power Cookie." Have you tried one? They were on sale, 2 for 99 cents. (But, I didn't want to change my life too fast, so I only bought one.)]


A Jan. 3/07 Canadian Government Report

tells us it is time to worry about our own personal chemical soup:


That Report Says: that four members of our parliament had themselves tested for chemicals, and it was found that each had between 49 and 55 pollutants in their blood. The conclusion drawn in this report by the Environmental Defense's Toxic Nation campaign was that pollution affects everyone, regardless of where they live. All these chemicals mix together, creating a chemical soup in our body. So minor exposure to a chemical may not harm any of us individually (unless you are pregnant) but it is unknown what effect all the combined chemicals have.


The chemicals that were found in the blood of the four MP's include: stain repellents, pesticides, flame retardants, heavy metals, PCBs, and air pollutants. The report notes that these pollutants are associated with cancer, developmental problems, respiratory illnesses, damage to the nervous system, and hormone disruption. So, while more testing is done, the Canadian government has BEGUN working with companies to eliminate these chemicals from their products.

This report was posted at CTV.ca and newswire.ca




Strengthening Our Foundation:


By 2010, most people will be aware that a healthy, happy, loving family is a joy to be part of, and that it is a necessary foundation for building a strong society. But for most, awareness will not become reality. People will be subjected to increasingly more diverse and complex influences. Advertisers will create new desires and turn them into necessities. This will leave people feeling confused about their values and priorities.



Too many people are already hooked on the beliefs of the "me generation" so they fail to appreciate that there is a time in life when they must get hooked on sacrifice and commitment. At a time when adults need to become focused on the needs of their family, they will be subjected to other influences. Some will use bad timing as they proudly sacrifice for a more powerful car or a luxury house, some will be hooked on taking risks, and others will recite phrases like "I must become the best I can be" or "I don't want to be tied down." The needs of their family will be lost in a complex set of priorities.



Many people have not actually experienced a solid positive family life, so they will tend to deny its worth (and unfortunately, some will even believe it doesn't exist). Many people have always experienced family life as a struggle, so they won't find time and energy for a workshop, and probably won't even recognize the need.


But it is extremely important for our future that we maintain a healthy perspective. We need to value and appreciate the importance of what can be achieved by loving and committed parents. People need a strong foundation, so it is vital for our society that we encourage parents to work at creating love, joy, and happiness in a decent, stable, and productive atmosphere.

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I can wreck that shit. That is the first response on Google? Damn,



it prolly wouldn't take much writing to get to the top of their search rhythm

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But Google will probably own the future anyway.


As is why the second title option of my blog is "Google, please hire me: MegafutureDELUXE"

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I tried to apply for a job at Google once.


Until I got to a question that asked "How many Programming Competitions do you enter each year? And which ones?"


I promptly clicked the lil x.

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One of the guys that works for me, his girl just switched over to google from some other company and she said they are real strict and donot take certain GPA'S. ANd never make exceptions the VP actually goes over every hire. Crazy shit ill get all the real info Crooked.

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;5931619']One of the guys that works for me' date=' his girl just switched over to google from some other company and she said they are real strict and donot take certain GPA'S. ANd never make exceptions the VP actually goes over every hire. Crazy shit ill get all the real info Crooked.[/quote']


Thats the type of information I am talin bout.



Yes P, Yes.



Much appreciated.

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i was up way too late last night and now i'm up going to work. thankfully i have the rest of the week off and don't work again til after xmas.



fuck work.

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