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Reefer Madness


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ACTUALLY im pretty sure they do unless theres some undercover operation going on, that the govt. put other things into tombstone pizza trucks, that get emptied into armn's. Must be damn George Bush. Its the govt. I swear. Got me all fucked up seeing things.



reefers carry raw products in bulk





things of this nature


not tombstone pizza or ice or gogurt

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ok, this is getting absurd about the contents of reefers.


perhaps it was easier to say that reefers only carried potatoes, onions, and apples when the fleets were all UPFE/BNFE/etc. there was definitely frozen (prepared) food being transported back before the newer refrigeration systems, but let's put that aside for the time being.


with the new units on the ARMN fleets and the BNSF icicle/hycube fleets, you have to think about a massive increase in both efficiency and flexibility. not only are the new systems able to shut themselves off and on, saving the FIVE HUNDRED GALLONS on fuel that each car can carry, but they can be used for regular refrigeration (the traditional onions or potatoes) or deep freeze (yes, like pizzas). besides, someone already said that they knew of reefers in their area to carry frozen pizzas. to say that reefers ONLY carry X is ridiculous. i know of reefer customers that only got frozen seafood, and have seen ice formed on the door-edges-- in the summertime no less. these cars can handle all kinds of products and the frozen ones are even more durable- which is exactly what works on rails. i also know of Bird's Eye plants that get reefer traffic, and that's gonna be bagged vegetables for commercial/retail distribution.


on the other hand, i doubt very much that you'll see meat in reefers unless it's frozen... it's way too perishable and sensitive. and of course no one is shipping ice in reefers, unless someone forgot the recipe.

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