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Reefer Madness

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rios kerse with multiple juice..prae mesko task..nsf on the trop..beast(with multiple)..pagan..wats up with those orange paint splash bombs by the naranja on the mense hive and cinko cars??lol..3239 and 3162..hive with multiples..SAG..cram..steal hunt(multiple)..meyer..eye..arys rule..seer acet..dewey harsh rumor..asher multiple..haker multiples..cense is off the charts and may be one of my fav recent trop flicked..bright cedar stompin..nace and co rockin it end to end style..stoic multiples..viper and maple trying to shut it down with fire pieces on a new shinny cryo with a sick pick..damn! ghouls hindue..mucHope.. show2 doin it a LIL diff..reken goin HUGE..kaput fatso cameo..fuck bomber that silver will fade and the joints that got covered will shine thru..killer riseo..migee..audio and that audio hand..bserk depths supher...LOOT. (poor ten mile run junction got fucked up ugly style and damn that is a long name)

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fatso's get gone over in bombers book apparently


hahaha...well played sir...furthermore,everyone welcome to the everso growing era of writers who dont count on steel and the consequences of theyre actions that writers who do count must endure...there is an upside and downside to this...its kind of like looking at clean panels when it comes to shyt like this...if that fatso was the only thing in my spot and it was untouched I wouldnt paint it, but if it comes through now its like he was never on it. down side is any of us who take this shyt to heart could be or have been fatso(this example) from time to time...can graffiti on trains just die already and not be cool again???

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