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i want to see your vinyl/vinyl appreciation thread/nerd shit

boogie hands

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@fat ralphyyeah dope post more !! Do you have a lot of hip hop? What’s your gem?? Out of all of them, the one you’re proudest of?


 I’d like to buy some more hip hop. I’d like some gangstaar but haven’t seen it in stock. Today I asked the shop I go to to order me an LP they don’t have but they couldn’t get it. I tried to use the local shop, but I guess I should use discogs lol bummer.

 I want Winston Hussey / the girl I adore 



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@KILZ FILLZso I had some time tonight to

come through with a couple of things I like from my stash.


This Fat Boys joint I have for how cool the whole thing is and of course pizza. I do remember in the mid-late 80s seeing these fat dudes on TV and wondering who are the guys?!? Then they started beat boxing and rhyming and I thought they were so ill.


How fucking dope is this vinyl?! 








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Posted (edited)

This is another one I am proud to own - 

Cornell 5.8.77


This is arguably the GD’s best live performance recorded, if you aren’t sold on the Dead this is a good place to start. Previously this vinyl was hard to come by and priced were second hand (discogs etc) in the high 300-400$ range.


They reissued  recently and I missed the first drop, asked for notifications and luckily copped the second drop a few days later. 


Paid $125 which is totally cool considering what the set was going for prior to the reissue. 




Edited by fat ralphy
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Tonight I was chatting w a good homie who spins edm at clubs bout how I’ve been getting into vinyl. Told him I am aggressively collecting roots reggae. He told me I am the first person he’s ever met IRL who is about mixing reggae lol. Talked crate digging for a bit. Have been to some of his sets and he’s legit, not new. Has moved from vinyl to all digital tho

He also told me skrillex has talked in interviews for his love for, and start with, spinning reggae back in the day? Wild info. Roots eternal!




that discogs buy for Winston hussey fell through. Had to repurchase from another seller. En route. Ultra hyped. That side A could be argued as the best lovers rock album ever released. 

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Took a refund, a reorder, and about a month of shipping.. but my first discogs cop came thru. Look at all these stamps homie had to use to send to to me from central Mexico 










this is the one to get @fat ralphy gem of my reggae stack now





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