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i want to see your vinyl/vinyl appreciation thread/nerd shit

boogie hands

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4 hours ago, KILZ FILLZ said:

Im wondering if my audio issues are because I did a bad job aligning my cartridge and stylus. That would explain sound only coming out of one channel right??





Are you not hearing any bass?

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@KILZ FILLZ each month there are 4 tracks that have a new album.


Hip Hop





I am currently subscribed to the Hip Hop track - so monthly they will send me whichever album is from that track. You have a time frame in which you can swap the album of that month for any of the other tracks or something from their store section (past releases) 

VMP does press up some dope shit, there are some quality control issues from time to time but customer service is great. 

The new record every month helps me keep my fix because at points in the past I have been spending hundreds a week on vinyl. 

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9 hours ago, KILZ FILLZ said:

Did you get any shit records? 


I don't think so? I guess it's what you're into. I wouldn't be to thrilled to get a Dead album in the mail but that's just me.


I think they all special or limited edition pressings as well. This was also back in 2014.


I only did it for 3 months. They publish the record of the month that they're shipping out to everyone.


First was Hum - You'd Prefer an Astronaut which was the only reason I signed up.


Second was  War On Drugs - Lost in the Dream


Third was an album from a group called Sisyphus or something spelling like that. Never heard of them. I traded that one at a record swap.



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So this covers vinyl and nerd shit so some folks may find it interesting.


I'm a big believer in coming up with overly complex and unnecessary solutions to non existent problems to learn something new. My current 'problem' at the time was that the turntable is in the opposite side of the house of where we spent the most time hanging out.


I had a couple raspberry pi's laying around the house so what I came up with is a way to have anything that was connected to the home wifi would be able to able to stream whatever is currently playing on the turntable. 





I had a spare touch screen monitor so I took a shot at building a dedicated media player thing in the garage that could play music or videos. (after 3 years I should probably finish it)





Then the pandemic hit and we got sent home for a month so I decided to put the thing on the internet and did pandemic radio for a few months for friends and coworkers.



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@grim540 definitely- but they are fucking pricey. Sound quality is pretty good though.


My homie died a couple years ago, dude had it together and I ended up inheriting 4 sonos speakers and a sound bar from him. 


I bought my Pro-Ject table as a package with a Sonos. I got a sonos sound bar for my bedroom and so now I have a pretty good set up throughout the house. 




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On 1/26/2023 at 10:13 PM, fat ralphy said:

Any of you guys have Discogs accounts? such a good tool for collecting. 


I used to correspond a but with @-Rage- on there….he had a bunch of rad RATM records amongst other things. 

I have one but haven’t used it for much. Is it a good way to buy records? Are the prices pretty good or inflated ? 

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