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i was just goin out to have a cig.


its cold out, 3 degrees dashboard says, i gotta prepare properly.


check situation.

front window showing frozen death spears.




time to get ready.



i have all the essentials:

-shitty gloves


-plenty of lighters

-the cigarettes



*special appearance by obviously super graffiti backpack yo.




biggest furball face looked at me like i was crazy for leaving the warmth. he just finished having brains for dinner, yes zombiecat.




oh by the way, i took this pen from a kid at school today, its really nice, the picture doesn't show you how well it writes, just believe me.




goin out now, wish me luck.




alright, super hip hop space heater, time to power on.




just you wait.




instantly. well not really. actually it doesn't even get the porch warm, its placebo.




let's go brave the elements shall we?




not sure if you can tell, but at one time this use to be your average plastic table, and now its covered in half a mountain. special appearance by some kind of plastic bottle also snow covered by the steps.




shoveled this path to freedom last night in sub zero conditions after eating ice cream, brave.




gotta go check out front, and i see what could be the biggest icicle on earth, i've already called ripleys, don't sleep.




if this would have fallen on me while i took the picture...i would have been safe, you think i got under that shit? ha.




when i looked up and saw this, it was just like in lost boys, where they go into the vampire hideout by the beach, and they are all sleeping upside down before they get merked. damn i'm glad these aren't vampires.




call me when ya get here.




its cold, the smoke is done, i'm going back in.




greeted by zombie cat 2.




show me your wintersssssss.

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