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Another tragic loss has hit the Hip Hop community today as Pimp C, one half of UGK, was found dead in his hotel room this morning. He was 43 years old.


According to TMZ, a 911 call was answered by LA County Fire which led them to the Mondrian Hotel in California. When police arrived they found the Houston rapper dead in his bed.


No word yet as to the cause of his death as this story is still developing.


HipHopDX would like to send condolences to the family and friends of Pimp C during this trying time.

UPDATE: Representatives from Jive Records, UGK's longtime label have confirmed the death to be true.


We will keep you updated as information continues to come in.



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what teh fuck.



who the fuck keeps killin all the houston rappers??


why couldnt they have taken mike jones..

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I'm pushin' down the ave. no one lookin' good

I'm baggin' stones niggas diamonds up against that wood.

I'm pushin' down the ave. no one lookin' good

I'm baggin' stones niggas diamonds up against that wood.


I'm pimpin' down the ave. you know I'm lookin' tight

These jealous niggas looking at me and my car so shife.

Wanna take my life, and wanna jack, but I see all through that,

Never let these bitch niggas take what's mine nigga never do that

Who's says he's going through a thang when ya'll ain't never lied.

I gotta a baby but it's momma act like he ain't mine.

Wicked women using children to live on

When I hurt and try to hate cause she knows the thrill is gone

Say man I stop smokin' with haters back in 94

But niggas thinkin' that a sweeps gone get the through my door

And niggas talk alot of shit in a safe place,

I know cause he can't look me eye-to-eye when he in my face

Now nigga listen to my thesis, see just what I mean

Nigga I ride dirty everyday, but still I shine so clean

Glitter and gleam, and all what it look like

So I keep swangin' I hear clanging tryin' to live my life




I see these niggas and days go and come

And fo me just to wake, I'm know I'm pissed

I grab my cis and I split my sista with my bunk

Some of my sweets be tight And some of my sweets be fucked up

But all of my sweets gonna blow so killas smoke get sucked up

I looked up today and didn't fall prey to none of that pistol play

But who is to say tomorrow they won't be blastin' this-a-way

I'm puffin' spliffs of hay Still upset about the drama here

At this time of year I'm wipin' away my dead homey momma's tears... shit..

But naturally them fuckin' laws is always after me



So I have to be in that matter on that 5-0-3

I'm livin' dastardly

Must be all about survival G

These niggas passin' me streets keep on gettin' live with me.

They say there has to be another way but I ain't feelin that.

They try to steal a lad, and my wig they wanna peel it back.

But still the fact remains. It's all about the game swangin' bang

Peace to E-S-G and all the victims of the game




I'm pimpin' through the ave. tryin' to see some good

But everythang is still the same in my neighborhood

Niggas frown when you up and smile when you down

And when you change for the better shife fools stop comin' around

I see the jealousy and hate, the wicked ways

We all lost children, pray for papers, and smokin' our lives away

Got to the point where I could not decipher day from night

She say she love me but all we do now is fuckin' fight

My conscience fuck with me so much I can't eat or sleep

The other side is sellin' dope and out there runnin' the streets

And even though I'm gay to street fame comin' from this rap game

Lust for thankin' and compulsive drankin' is a normal thang

Some get a waste and misplace tryin' to win the race

Some try to hold on to there place by smokin' with lace

But see drugs and plastic thugs ain't gonna change the hood

I'm smokin' skunk and poppin' the truck to make me feel good.




So it's your life

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damn... RIP Country Cousin...


In Brooklyn, New York, I’m down with Lord Jamar

Back in PAT, man we be sippin’ the barre

I’m down with J from Houston and I think you should peep

But when I’m out in LA, I fuck with Ice-T

Short Dog is my OG, we been down forever

Taught me the game, lane to lane, and keep my pimpin’ together

Niggas don’t understand by far, back in the day

It was May and then my brother put me up on Black Star

Cause us blacks often lose our way

Cause we isolate ourselves and give our ghetto pass away

My niggas pass away at an unreal rate, they mamas get greedy

I’m just tryna make sure that they kids straight

I’m on a chitlin tour, with my mic in my hand

Shittin’ on these jealous niggas and the new world clan

I wouldn’t trade it for nothin’, only a crazy man would

I represent it for the south but mainly just for my hood, the pimp is good

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Guest shai_hulud

Not a good day for rappers.


RIP, Pimpin'.

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dj asjlsda




l sfdal; sfdalsfda







goddamnit. ugh this is terrible.

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shit is wack, people been talkin about him lately for busting fools out in tracks like "true story". one of my fav. rappers. perfect delivery and true as fuck. rip.

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My brother texted me earlier with this.I looked it up and found out it was true.I read that they heard shots that sounded something like a machine gun.So im guessing he got shot up.Either way it sucks big time.I've always been a huge fan of UGK.

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